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Sunday and the Week’s Stupid Statements… unapologies and so on November 12, 2017

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Another week, another Sunday and roll on the statements!

What to make of this unapology?

Former artistic director of the Gate Theatre Michael Colgan has said the realisation he had caused upset to some former co-workers was deeply distressing and said that he sincerely apologises.

Mr Colgan said his behaviour should not be equated with sexual crimes and that it was wrong that he had been the subject of insinuations that he was guilty of more than misjudged behaviour.

Words fail me.

And a quick thought about the comment Leo Varadkar made yesterday at the FG national conference (in Cavan by the by):

The Taoiseach has insisted that by international standards homelessness in Ireland is low.

But Leo Varadkar said the numbers of people living in emergency accommodation here had increased.

What possessed him to say that? Inaccurate according to those working in the area – Simon etc, unwise and something that doesn’t accord with peoples perceptions of the issue. It’s the kind of unforced error that reminds me of one L Varadkar who on Vincent Browne back in the late 2000s denied there was a link between poverty and bad health. As well as being remarkably lacking in empathy in regard to what is by any measure a significant social and economic issue affecting many people. I know people directly who have been homeless over the last couple of years, families put up in hotel rooms for extremely long periods of time. That’s not an illusion. And it seems to miss the point entirely to talk about ‘international standards’ when that is a new and unwelcome aspect of a problem of increasing severity.

All other contributions welcome.


1. sonofstan - November 12, 2017

“I know people directly who have been homeless over the last couple of years, families put up in hotel rooms for extremely long periods of time”

See now, Leo doesn’t know those kind of people. But if he did, he’s probably put their situation down to not getting up early enough in the morning. Your house can disappear in those few vital hours.


WorldbyStorm - November 12, 2017

He genuinely doesn’t know those people. Detachment is a massive problem in this (and all societies). What also gets me is the chest-beating rhetoric of those who have considerably more in terms of resources, money, etc as against those who don’t and how this rhetoric is directed by the former against the latter. That too is detachment of a similar sort.


2. CL - November 12, 2017

“Leo Varadkar signals expectation of Brexit breakthrough
Brussels believes December summit may decide trade talks phase can begin…
“I am now of the view that I think it is likely that we will be able to say that sufficient progress has been made at the December meeting…It is not going to be possible to fully resolve the Border question until we start to talk about the future relationship that the UK will have with the European Union.
Thu, Nov 9, 2017, 01:00
Pat Leahy

“Government demands Border details before backing Brexit move
London must explain how to avoid hard Border if it wants to discuss trade…The Government wants the UK to spell out in detail how to avoid a hard Border before it will support moving on to the next phase of Brexit negotiations….The Government will not favour proceeding to phase two unless the British can offer detail about its proposals to solve the Border problem.
Sat, Nov 11, 2017, 01:00
Pat Leahy


3. EWI - November 12, 2017


EWI - November 12, 2017

Michelle Mulherin, the gift that never stops giving 😈


4. EWI - November 12, 2017

It’s Armistice Day in Britain, when the fallen of the first World War are commemorated, and to the astonishment of some Irish in the crowd the band begin the night with Sunday Bloody Sunday, which Bono dedicates to the military “and all who lost their lives”.

Earlier, talking to Irish reporters in a nearby London hotel, guitarist The Edge revealed he was wearing an enamel poppy on his lapel. (He also spoke about the Paradise Papers, saying he understood people’s anger at the system.)



sonofstan - November 12, 2017

Bono never met a crowd he didn’t want to please.


EWI - November 12, 2017

Note that he’s dedicating ‘Sunday, Bloody Sunday’ to the British Army here.

What an absolute c–t.


Michael Carley - November 12, 2017

It’s getting to the stage we’ll need a weekly “Is Bono still a poxbottle?” feature.

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5. fergal - November 12, 2017

Bono- the man who never stops giving! “I take this stuff very seriously. I have campaigned for the beneficial ownership of offshore companies to be made transparent” Where do you start?

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