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This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to…Mrs Jynx November 25, 2017

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I really like this. English IDM/electonica maven Mrs Jynx, aka Hannah Davidson, who creates music that while touching on a broad range of reference points somehow does manage to sound fairly uniquely herself. The fact she’s on the Planet Mu label doesn’t surprise me. Their blend of melody, angularity and whimsy is well suited to her aesthetic. The Standoffish Cat from 2008 also has an oddly nostalgic feel to it, which perhaps makes sense in general terms given how old IDM is as a genre (arguably a good…gulp… quarter of a century). But even in 2008 given how the pioneers on Warp and so on had blazed through with a peak of creativity in the 1992-5 period it had a long provenance. And yet Mrs Jynx does add something new to the party. Wooshogone is a perfect exemplar of this – a melodic keyboard melody sparkling over bouncing bass and percussive sounds. And oddly emotive swells that reference Boards of Canada without being overwhelmed by them. Or Chocolate Oranges which is… expansive and joyous, for want of better words.

But then IDM has always struck me as having an emotional tug that perhaps at first sight seems counterintuitive given the centrality of synths. The latter as instruments always had a cachet of iciness. Yet, listen to Aphex Twin or Black Dog and one can hear how this music has a dreamlike aspect and again that locks perfectly into nostalgia.

There’s also a fluidity to Mrs Jynx’s compositions that I really like. They surge along, Got It 2 being a case in point, driven by the percussion and warm keyboards in a very satisfying way. Her aesthetic seems to me to be not dissimilar to lines that Ulrich Schnauss has been traveling on – a function of a parallel evolution rather than overt influence in either direction.

She’s released a fair body of work since this and has what appears to be a retrospective collection out this last September. Well well worth a listen.


My Friend T3 (Remix of Resynthesize)

Time Missed

Got It 2

Chocolate Orange


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