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A somewhat different tune… November 29, 2017

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Who could it be writing this?

I doubt if more than a tiny percentage of British ‘leave’ voters had any grasp, for example, of the implications of leaving both the customs union and the single



To the exclusion of a much wider and significant agenda, the tabloid press simply fanned the migrant debate, encouraging an upsurge in nationalist feeling.


Leaving the EU was being sold as a mere painless political uncoupling, with Boris Johnson out there selling his vision of a resurrected Britannia, once again standing alone and negotiating a new global trading role for herself.

Nowhere is this view more evident than in London’s attitude to the Irish border crisis. Despite endlessly reassuring us that they don’t want any type of fixed border installations or a return to the ‘borders of the past’, the proposals they have advanced offer no realistic chances of solving the problems. Britain has taken the slow approach to Brexit, no matter how many times Brussels and Dublin have urgently pointed to the Border.

More recently, there has been a change of tack as Britain’s response has shifted to arguing that the border question should be left to be solved within the second phase talks when the shape of any new British/EU trade agreement is agreed.

Can this be Tom McGurk writing in the SBP this weekend about Brexit? And in terms where the EU is no longer painted as an adversary and the UK as the ‘mothership’? Sure can be.

Amazing what a year of utter British ineptitude has wrought.


1. CL - November 29, 2017

‘Ian Paisley, the Democratic Unionist Party MP, has launched a scathing attack on the Irish government branding its call for Northern Ireland to remain in the customs union and single market as “disgraceful”….

The DUP is implacably opposed to anything that will separate them from the rest of the UK.
Last week the party, which holds the balance of power at Westminster, said it will use its parliamentary muscle to prevent any special post-Brexit deal for Northern Ireland that could “decouple” the region from the rest of the UK.-


2. GW - November 29, 2017

Note that the latest reported financial offer (there is no official offer recognised by EU negotiators ATM) is being made conditional on the UK getting a favourable trade deal.

That they won’t get, so the offer of cash at some point is meaningless.

Another own goal:

The UK government could, at any time they wanted, just print Sterlings to cover this bill. The inflationary consequences would be minimal. If the EU27 continued to buy British-manufactured goods despite the increased tariffs it might even stimulate their economy after Brexit.

But on top of a discredited Brexshit the Tories are ideologically locked into a debunked monetarism.


3. EWI - November 29, 2017

Amazing what a year of utter British ineptitude has wrought.

Ineptitude or malice? The logic of the toxic version of English nationalism that infects the Tories leads them to inevitably behave this way.


Michael Carley - November 29, 2017

Inept malice.


4. CL - November 29, 2017

‘Sinn Fein has warned that there could be “civil disobedience” if checkpoints appear after the UK leaves the European Union….
And Gerry Adams has urged the Taoiseach to block Brexit talks in December if the UK fails to guarantee that there will be no hard border…
Labour’s former Europe Minister Chris Bryant said legal advice from the Foreign Office had suggested a hard border was inevitable if a country left the EU.”

‘Brexit poses deep risks to the terms of the Good Friday Agreement, an academic report has concluded…
The academic warned Brexit potentially meant wide-ranging divergence between the UK and Ireland in law, trade, security, rights, policies and politics – and this put the agreement at risk of “deep fissures”.

At this critical juncture, in contrast to the bungling British nationalists, Ireland is lucky to have at the helm men of proven political judgement,-Leo Varadkar and Simon Coveney.


5. CL - November 29, 2017

‘London, Dublin and Brussels are scrambling to break a stalemate in Brexit talks over the Irish border as Anglo-Irish relations reached one of their worst lows in decades…
Senior British and EU officials were locked in talks on Wednesday to find language that can bridge a highly-sensitive political rift over future of Northern Ireland, which has become the single biggest obstacle to a Brexit divorce deal in December….
Mr Varadkar’s government had sought “a draft which narrows down parameters, restates principles and offers realistic routes to solutions….(a recipe for b.s.?)
Brendan Howlin, leader of the Irish Labour party, told the Financial Times that Mr Varadkar would face a “serious” political backlash if he did not deliver a UK guarantee that was robust enough to persuade opposition parties that the threat of a hard border had been avoided.’


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