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At a loose end this evening? November 29, 2017

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Here’s an event some might want to miss…


ext Wednesday, 29th November, the Hibernia Forum will hold another evening discussion, this time on the current housing situation, with Q & A and then drinks afterwards. Housing expert Karl Deeter (pictured, left) and developer Paddy Kelly (right) will talk to us and offer the perspective of the building industry and of landlords. The event will be held in Buswell’s Hotel on Kildare Street, Dublin 2 from 7pm to 9pm.  


1. CL - November 29, 2017

‘A group of current and former inter-county football, hurling and camogie players who are passionate about making a difference have united under the umbrella of ‘Gaelic Voices for Change’…
Last week the group were involved with the Show Racism The Red Card initiative but attention is now turned towards an all-Ireland solidarity sleep-out’ from 6pm to 6am on Saturday December 16th that is designed to draw attention to the homelessness crisis, raise funds, and call for action….
They are alarmed by ISPCC reports that Ireland now has the highest child homelessness rate in Europe and that, according to Focus Ireland, there has been a 24% increase in homelessness in the past year.’


2. CL - November 30, 2017

‘Trinity College Economics Professor P.J. Drudy said Ireland has “tolerated a dysfunctional housing system for far too long, with unwarranted reliance on the private sector to meet an essential need….
He said private developers built 75,400 houses in 2005, in locations where the houses were not needed….
Dr Sinéad Kelly… noted that the neo-liberal drive towards market provision in an increasing number of areas, including housing, is accompanied by a reduction in state spending, and a withdrawal of public provision in favour of privatisation and outsourcing….;


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