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Making the wrong point… November 30, 2017

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Ah… Kate Hoey. As ASF notes here her contributions are unhelpful to say the least, and arguably down-right reactionary.

And Kathy Sheridan noted that one of those was unintentionally (one hopes) absurd:

Hoey tweets about her visit to a “smooth” Swiss/German/French border crossing, eyeing it as a model for “land border issues NI/ROI”. Some model. Not only was she posing in front of a very large customs post, she seemed unaware that Switzerland is in Schengen and the European Free Trade Association.


1. EWI - November 30, 2017

Not reactionary, just indicative of the traditional views held towards Irish Catholics by good ‘Ulsterwomen’ such as our Kate. They would literally cut off their own noses to spite us.

I see that the Irish Times, allergic to saying bad things about loyalism, has been tripping over itself to ellide this by describing her variously as ‘English’ and ‘British’.


2. O'Connor Lysaght - November 30, 2017

What is really interesting is that that person’s political trajectory started with her as an anti-imperialist advocate and agitator for an united Ireland.
But then the Brit establishment has always been good at schmoozing our weaker siblings.


3. Colm B - November 30, 2017

As far as my memory serves, it was the BICO or one of its later incarnations or fronts (when it was ultra pro-loyalist, pro-Israel etc. as opposed to its present day ultra-reactionary nationalist, genocide apologist guise) which was the vector for Hoey’s slide into reaction.


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