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This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to Xmas songs…but when I’m not doing that I’ll be listening to film theme songs from the 1970s. December 23, 2017

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When I was a kid growing up in the 1970s initially the main transmission belt of songs into my life was not the infrequently seen Top of the Pops. Nor was it albums or singles. It wasn’t that my family wasn’t interested in music, but my father tended to keep his tapes (Beach Boys, Sweeney’s Men, etc) to himself – something that at this remove is inexplicable to me, and on the other side there wasn’t that much interest in music as a living cultural artefact. Not that songs were unknown, but they tended to be from musicals and such like. This means I’ve a good knowledge of 1940s to 60s musicals and a surprising familiarity with pre-Beatles pop, but for years my knowledge of pop from the 60s and 70s was a bit spotty.

Anyhow, long story short, what did bring new songs in was film. And no film in the 70s worth its salt didn’t have a song (or instrumental, though in a way those are a different genre – at least in my head!). This was a long established aspect – I’ve mentioned Bond themes before, but there were so many more and a halfway successful film was almost a guarantee of a chart position.

So, here’s a few of them to start us off, all additional ones welcome, as mainstream or exotic as you like…

Mike Curb Congregation – Burning Bridges (Kelly’s Heroes – 1970)

Curtis Mayfield – Superfly (Superfly – 1972)

Ramones – Rock’n’Roll Highschool (Rock’n’Roll Highschool – 1972)

Olivia Newton John/ELO – Xanadu (Xandau – 1980!)

Paul McCartney and Wings – Live and Let Die (Live and Let Die 1973)


1. rockroots - December 23, 2017

A couple of faves (OK, Mr Rossi wasn’t a film but it brings back a lot of memories for me)…


WorldbyStorm - December 23, 2017

Such a great track – Get Carter. And a great though almost existentially depressing film.

Mr. Rossi! A1.


2. 6to5against - December 23, 2017


6to5against - December 23, 2017

Love that one, but just noticed its from 1968, so it breaks the 70s theme. On the other hand, I Don’t thin it reached Mullingar until about 1975, so maybe it does.

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3. 6to5against - December 23, 2017

The Get Carter is brilliant. I don’t think I knew it before. Maybe it’s on the list of movies-I-thought -I-had seen……


4. sonofstan - December 23, 2017

Bit of a weird one: a song recorded for the OST of a ’70s movie that may be better known because it was used in a different movie….


5. sonofstan - December 23, 2017

And more Curtis Mayfield…


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