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Today I’ll Mostly Be Listening to… Music I liked from 2017 December 27, 2017

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Tracks and albums released this year that I really liked. Some are individual songs or instrumentals, others are great but reflect equally good albums they are drawn from. None of this is meant to be the best – there’s plenty of publications that will give you steers in that regard. Nor is it just the stuff I heard this year. There was a lot I was tempted to put in that I didn’t in the end – for example Demian’s Milestars is almost there but not quite, Anton Kubikov likewise, The Horrors, Endless Boogie, Farflung, Majeure, The Church, and others provided excellent sounds but not perhaps quite there yet – or perhaps listening to them in the future they’ll become constants on the iPod.

So, in no particular order but starting with…

Thundercat – ‘Show You The Way (feat. Michael McDonald & Kenny Loggins)
Kind of brilliant, as is the album.

Brian Jonestown Massacre – Dropping Bombs on the Sun
Mentioned during the year, an album I keep going back to.

Jay Som – Take It
Really like this, at 22 she’s on her second (first large-scale label) album. It’s a mix between lo-fi, pop and in places shoe gaze. Well well worth a listen.

Beroshima/Frank Müller – Mad World
Reliably excellent and check out the split EP which this is on with two fantastic tracks from M.R.E.U.X.

Delia Gonzalez – Vesuvius
Mentioned this in despatches earlier in the year and still listening to it.

OMD – The Punishment of Luxury
Commercial sure. And about commercialism.

Night Sins – Crystal Blue
With a guitar line nicked from the Sisters Alice and a general gothy vibe I like this much more than I should…

Kelly Lee Owens – Bird
Another one that got a TWIMBLT during the year.

Jane Weaver – The Architect
And another! The whole album is great. And a residual Hawkwind connection of which there is no sign at all in the music
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=keXHh0lr2y8The Architect

EMA – Aryan Nation
From the genuinely harrowing Exile in the Outer Ring here EMA offers a great takedown on contemporary US politics and culture and a fine song quite apart from that. She’s a constantly challenging artist.

And as a sort of bonus or interval, Pharmakon’s Sentient
An unsettling two minutes and 20 seconds of sound rather than music. And arguably the quietest moments on her album.

Charles Manier – The Lions of Rojava
Thumpy, that’s the best term I can think of, reminiscent of U-ziq, but louder. And very very likeable.

Kölsch – Push
Third of a sequence of techno concept albums which Rune Reilly Kölsch has produced with composer Gregor Schwellenbach. Reflective, definitely, and to my ears some of the keyboard stabs sound very New Order like, but tracks like Push are oddly evocative of the year the album is focused on – with a stern, almost but not quite bombastic aspect (think some of Black Dog) and hints of post-punk here and there.

Quaeschning and Schnauss – Flare
Straight from their tenure in Tangerine Dream Ulrich Schnauss and Thorsten Quaeschning offer something both Tangerine Dream like and entirely of the moment.

T. Raumschmiere – Juli
Heimat by T. Raumschmiere, from which this is taken, is a great piece of work. Techno, sure, but suffused with emotion.

Slow Place Like Home – Echoes (feat Feargal McKee)
I really like SPLH – one of the finest Irish acts about. From their album released this year this is a characteristic track with Feargal McKee of Whipping Boy joining in.

Slowdive – Star Roving
Atypically fast and all the better for it. Another album I’ve liked more and more each time I revisit it. I noted before Rachel Goswell’s voice is less evident than it used to be but still a very strong album.

Wire – Playing harp for the fishes
From their latest album that guitar sound that kicks in at 17 seconds…

Jesus and Mary Chain – Song for a Secret
Didn’t catch them on either of their visits to Dublin this year but this song, feat. Julie Barber has, like the album really grown on me.

Robyn Hitchcock – I Want To Tell You About What I Want
His best album in quite a few years and this is a great great track.

Turbonegro – RockNRoll Machine
Turbonegro have a new album out next year. And late in the year they released this AC/DC inflected track as a taster – filled with their usual sarcastic/satirical approach.

Kepler Ten – Ultraviolet
Oddly enjoyable UK prog revivalists. I read in Classic Rock that these guys have a pedigree being former members of the UK’s leading Rush tribute act. I can believe it. And they’re all the better for it.

Nik Turner – End of the World
Nik Turner, drawn from a very jazzy album – and in elegiac mood. I find this oddly moving.

Ex Eye – Xenolith (The Anvil)
Jazz and metal meet yet again and like what they see in each other. Opinions will vary on this but I like it a lot.

The Comet is Coming – Start Running
From the cheerily named Death to the Planet album/EP this is great – spacey jazz.

Xosar – X(osar) Files
Whether you buy into her obsessions – and you may not, her take on spacey house is something else. Love it.


1. deadmanonleave - December 27, 2017

Nothing for Hannah Peel? Loved her sci-fi themed stuff after 6Music tipped me the wink.


WorldbyStorm - December 27, 2017

Too much good music! I didn’t catch her before you mentioned it. It’s great stuff.

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2. deadmanonleave - December 28, 2017

So many bad things in the world, some great music though!!!
Although I was posting the Boomtown Rats yesterday as there are some armed actions I will celebrate!

Liked by 1 person

WorldbyStorm - December 28, 2017

+1 And entirely justifiable.

Liked by 1 person

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