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State paper release December 29, 2017

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This is depressing, from the IT:

British officials raised the prospect of erecting a physical border along the entire frontier between Northern Ireland and the Republic 30 year ago, declassified files show.
At a meeting between officials of both governments, the British said the idea of erecting a physical border along the lines of that separating East and West Germany was being considered.
The Irish officials responded strongly against the suggestion urging the British to drop it immediately.

This from RTÉ is pretty good, an overview of some of the more interesting ones.

“In 1985 we were approached by a MI5 officer…he asked us to execute you,” so read a letter purportedly penned by the UVF and sent to the Taoiseach Charlie Haughey in August 1987.

After 30 years it has been released in the State Papers published today.

The correspondence signed by Capt W.Johnston makes the sensational claim that the UVF had been supplied with details of Mr Haughey’s cars, his trips to Farranfore airport in Kerry, his private yacht, the Celtic Mist, plus aerial photographs of both his homes in Kinsealy in north Dublin and Inishvickillane off the Kerry coast.

Charlie Haughey’s son Seán has revealed that his family was aware of a threat from the UVF around this time and it was taken seriously.

A very interesting account of attitudes in relation to the AIA:

[Thatcher] did not expect unionists to be so disaffected when the agreement was signed two years previously and “it is not logic but emotion that governs their actions.”

The Taoiseach attempted to reassure Mrs Thatcher and told her that she was the first Prime Minister who indicated to unionists that there must be progress. He said, “You have stood firm and that is an historic contribution to Anglo-Irish relations. You must not forget.”

But the Prime Minister believed as a result of the agreement “the minority community would not harbor the IRA. But the security situation has got worse. It is all very worrying.”

The Taoiseach agreed and suggested that when things settle down the two leaders should look at ways of making progress and ways to “placate the unionists.”

Then there were…

“the strongest reservations” about sanctioning repairs in an Irish dockyard of what were described as “support vessels to the Soviet Navy”.

The Department of Foreign Affairs f official warned that the North Atlantic was a “highly sensitive area of naval operations” and it should be turned down on the basis of our neutrality.

More on the Border…

In December 1987, the Department of Foreign Affairs contacted the British authorities to ask them about reports of a British Army incursion south of the border.

The British authorities responded that they were “greatly embarrassed” by the incident involving a pilot who had just arrived in the North.

Before being sent on a surveillance exercise in a beaver aircraft, the pilot asked his commanding officer if he was “cleared for the border”.

More and more to come tomorrow from all media.

And this from the UK… one could build an interesting counterfactual around it…

JAs the USSR entered its final months of existence, the chancellor of the exchequer, Norman Lamont, warned Major in September 1991 about the risks of becoming financially involved. “The view shared among G7 countries,” he said, is “that now is certainly not the time to be risking large sums of public money in the Soviet Union.”


1. Jemmyhope - December 29, 2017

“the strongest reservations” about sanctioning repairs in an Irish dockyard of what were described as “support vessels to the Soviet Navy”.
Excuse .. a breach of neutrality

No problem with supporting US military in the use of Shannon Airport.
It certainly answers the question of who the Dept. of Foreign Affairs were Neutral against.


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