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The future of work looks very much like the past… December 29, 2017

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Very very interesting Analysis piece from the BBC recently on ‘who speaks for the workers’ and it points to how workplaces far from being futuristic are becoming more like they were fifty or sixty years ago with low-wages and poor conditions. But the difference is that there were unions then, whereas now, post-Thatcher etc they are much less evident on the ground.

And as it notes in 1979 there were 13m union members, half of all workers, whereas now it’s less than 1 in 4. Now in a way I have to say that 1 in 4 isn’t terrible given what’s happened. But… it means there are defensive postures, etc.

Of course there’s a deeper problem, the private sector is not as heavily represented and moreover currently in the UK unions tend to have many more members who are what once would be called ‘professionals’.

And as to work, contracts are now so complex with workers contracted and sub-contracted so that the people they ‘work’ for most immediately are not their employers. And as the programme points out, that makes the ability to organise more difficult.

Entertaining, in a bleak sort of a way, in its analysis of a Deliveroo ‘contractor’ and how that company regards said contractors as not their employees. As the individual said he wears their uniforms, carries their bags, etc and the only real freedom he has is the route, which ‘is no freedom at all’.

But not at all entertaining was the analysis of the garment industry in the UK which is even more exploitative where people are paid sub-minimum wage rates given they have to work up to 60 hours a week but nominally are being paid minimum wage for 20 to 40 hours.

Some useful material on union organisation amongst low paid carers in the US. And in the UK – and the point that besuited essentially public sector unions are simply not fit for purpose.

And a point is made in answer to a question ‘why do breaches in labour laws require unions’… ‘because there is no enforcement of labour laws’.


1. Paddy Healy - December 29, 2017

World’s richest 500 see their wealth increase by $1trillion (1000 Billion Dollars) this year
Ultra-rich warned of ‘strike-back’ as global inequality hits a 100-year high and billions of poorer people see their earnings stagnate
The Guardian Dec 27 Full Article https://wp.me/pKzXa-ua
“The big increase in the fortunes of the ultra-wealthy comes as billions of poorer people across the world have seen their wealth standstill or decline. The gap between the very rich and everyone else has widened to the biggest it has been in a century and advisers to the super-rich are warning them of a “strike back” from the squeezed majority.”


Paddy Healy - December 29, 2017

SEE From Michael Roberts Blog(Marxist Economist) also at the link above- World Economy:Forecast for 2018: The Trend and the Cycles


2. CL - December 29, 2017

‘plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose’

‘Arguments which were so repellent and unacceptable that Powell was sacked from the Tory shadow cabinet have become mainstream. …
Powellite arguments were marshalled against one of the institutions he most strongly opposed, the EU.It was Enoch wot won it….
The Tory party is riven by a divide over Europe deeper than it has been at any time since Powell and Benn led the campaign against common market membership in the 1975 referendum.”


3. Paddy Healy - December 31, 2017

In Grossly Unfair Ireland-Happy New Year!
Almost 22,000 Irish People Have Incomes Between 200,000 Euro and 2 million Euro Per Year!!!-Minister for Finance.They All Got The Same Tax Relief as a Person earning 70,000 Euro per annum in the last two budgets
Super-Rich Irish Awash with Money https://wp.me/pKzXa-n4
According to the Sunday Independent Rich List(April 2,2017), the estimated wealth of the country’s 300 richest people has increased by over €12bn to €100.03bn on last year’s numbers. The Richest 12 gained 6 billion of this.It was was a Tax Free Gain
TOP 10% of financial asset holders now have €35 billion above what they had at peak boom levels in 2006. (CSO)
3,334 Persons in the Private sector earn more than the current salary of top RTE earner Ryan-Tubridy on Euro 495,000?
PQ Reply By Minister For Finance Michael Noonan to Seamus Healy TD (These earnings have increased substantially since)
Summary (In 2013, After Budget 2012)
Between Euro €200,000 per year and over €2million per year Number of Income Recipients= 21,864
Top 10,000 have average income of €595,000 per year (vast majority in private sector)
Top 10,000 Total Income per year= €5.959Billion Average Income per year €595,900
Number earning over 0.5 million= 3,334
Number earning over €1 million=657
Number Earning over €2 million=120


Tomboktu - December 31, 2017

Almost 22,000 Irish People Have Incomes Between 200,000 Euro and 2 million Euro Per Year!!!

In 2015 (the last year for which the data is published), 23,698 ‘tax units’ had gross taxable incomes of over €200,000.

Of those tax units, 10,201 were couples and 13,497 were single people (including widows and widowers, which the Revenue Commissioners still list separately — as in, a separate row for widows and a separate row for widowers*).

And of the 10,201 couples, 7,289 were both earning.

The data is available at http://www.cso.ie/px/pxeirestat/Statire/SelectVarVal/Define.asp?maintable=RVA01&PLanguage=0


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