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Soviet supersonic behemoth December 31, 2017

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This I only learned of recently on this most interesting site about the Soviet SST programme – the Tu-144.

It was in the early 70’s when the Tupolev OKB (Experimental Design Bureau) began the works for the creation of a supersonic transport of second generation, SST-2. When the first generation of supersonic transport was still not in service, Tupolev decided in 1973 the development of the TU-244 using as the base the experience acquired for Soviet, European and American in their different SST programs.

When the TU-144 and “Concorde” were designed the main target for both projects was to put a supersonic airliner in the sky. This produced many problems that a SST-2 should solve if she wants to occupy a place between the airliners of the 21st century. The design of the new aircraft should be orientated towards these points:


The results of the studies showed that a SST-2 should be capable of to compete with big aircrafts as B-747, B-777, A340 and A380. This only could happen with a passenger capacity between 250 and 300 persons, but supporting a high aerodynamic quality both at supersonic mode as at subsonic speeds, this would provide a low consumption of fuel that would increase the range of flight and, of course, the economic profitability.

It would have been quite something to see.

The Tu-144 was no slouch but its career as a passenger craft was limited to 55 flights and even as a cargo aircraft it was pulled in 1983. Thereafter it became central to the space program.


1. Michael Carley - December 31, 2017

Should be in the area, you can see it right next to Concorde, here



2. Michael Carley - January 1, 2018

I had a comment on this which seems to have been trapped (it was little more than a link).


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