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Council news! January 11, 2018

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Who is the person who facilitated this?

…the deputy leader of Britain First [in delivering[ an anti-immigration video from the lord mayor’s chair [in Belfast].
Video footage was posted on Facebook of Jayda Fransen making a speech from the council chamber.


In the video, Fransen is seen in red mayoral robes sitting in the lord mayor’s chair and thanking people for supporting her in the case.


She was the guest of the independent unionist councillor Jolene Bunting.

Bunting was elected to the council in 2014 as the first TUV councillor in Belfast. Earlier last year she resigned from the party and went independent, according to the Irish News…

…after she was not selected to stand as an assembly candidate.


Earlier this month she hosted a rally at city hall attended by Paul Golding of Britain First, the PSNI say they are reviewing footage of the gathering to see if any crimes were committed.

There’s this too…


1. EWI - January 11, 2018

Will this be reported in the IT and on RTÉ?


2. O'Connor Lysaght - January 11, 2018

Well, she’s against Jeremy Kyle, so I suppose she’s not all bad.
But, then, wasn’t Hitler fond of dogs?

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