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Back to TV land… January 13, 2018

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Uncategorized.

Last week had the freeview reconnected. This after the best part of a decade. Thought the cable had been cut, but it hadn’t, so that was a win. There was Channel 4 News. And that was good. That was a win too.

But last weekend there was the peculiar pleasure and horror of watching this film here [spoilers abound in the review] (like Ruffalo, get it together man). And the ads. So many crap ads. That wasn’t a win.

But then later there was Jools Holland 25. repeated from late last year, and Kale Uchis and later Dizzee Rascal who pretty much blew everyone else off stage, though Van Morrison – it kills me to say so, was pretty good (I like Dave Grohl and he can write a tune, but somehow I never quite recall the tunes, the ongoing deification of Paul Weller I find amazing, always loved his stuff with the Jam, never much enjoyed his ‘serious artist’ stuff). So that was a win.

A lot of channels. But have barely watched anything all week. Old habits die hard.

Christ, at least I’m not paying for this stuff.


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