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What you want to say – 17th January, 2018 January 17, 2018

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As always, following on Dr. X’s suggestion, it’s all yours, “announcements, general discussion, whatever you choose”, feel free.


1. CL - January 17, 2018


GW - January 23, 2018

Whatever they do with the site, there should be some kind of memorial to the victims.


2. EWI - January 17, 2018

Leo and Co. moving in to deliver the final death blow to public housing. This statement unintentionally reveals the FG attitude:

“Changing the remit of Nama may force the agency to go on-balance-sheet or we could run into issues around State aid,” Mr Varadkar said. “If Nama was competing with the private construction sector in the private rental market and the private housing construction market that could constitute State aid.”


They get away with this and all prospect of local authorities building housing is gone forever (the new agency will have the misson and power to take public land and hand it over to the private developers). It will also, from the article, compel local authorities to service the infrastructure needs of private speculators as an overriding priority. The mendacity of this cannot be overstated – where is the left?


meru - January 17, 2018

it does feel like we are all now are, tenants of the bank, in one way or another, and we should require to know locally who these bank personnel are locally, maybe that absolutely everyone knew exactly who their local bank managers are, and access to them, and their loans given, and what for, and to whom, locally.
as local banks may again remain cosy with the extant wealthy, as they always have done.
btw, is a.i.b. now to be sold to the bank of england?
This (distance owning) may be a new, clever, barrier, to local people accessing local?
i dunno, just sayin’

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meru - January 18, 2018

that is quite an article. Leo, saying last September “re-purposing lands” “on behalf of the State”, “where private sector has failed”.
Now, he says: they will sell lands to private developers.
This Home Building Finance agency is obviously a boon to Fianna Fail? Not the State.


GW - January 23, 2018

The job of the state post 2007 is to facilitate debt-peonage to private lenders / property speculators. And to support the ‘private sector’ which would collapse without regular subsidy from the public.

Leo & Co. are continuity FF circa 2005 in this matter.


3. Paddy Healy - January 17, 2018

Super-Rich Irish Eight Make Tax Free Average Gain of 66 Million Euro Each in 2 Years!!!
Super-Rich Irish Awash With Moneyhttps://wp.me/pKzXa-n4
The Sunday Independent Rich LIST Ranks Personal Wealth of Individuals not of Companies
Denis O’Brien remains at No 4 in 2018 with personal wealth of 2.75 billion. He has regained 100 million of the 200 million which he lost in 2016. John Magnier, owner of Coolmore Stud in Tipp , retains his ranking of 7. He has gained just short of 150 million on his 2017 figure.I have confined the comparison below to well known Irish rich Personalities
Super-Rich Irish Eight- PERSONAL WEALTH
Rank on List 2018 (2017)(2016) change from 2017
2018 (2017)
4 (4) DenisO’Brien 2.75bn(2.65bn)(2.85) +100m
7 (7) John Magnier 2.3bn (2.2bn)(2.2bn) + 150m
8 (9) JP McManus 2.1bn (€2bn)(€1.85bn ) +140m
9 (10)Dermot Desmond 2.04 bn(€1.8bn)(€1.56bn) +240m
11 (11) Martin Naughton 1.65 bn €1.6bn(€1.5bn) +50m
13 (12 ) Paul Coulson 1.45bn (€1.5bn)(€840m) -50m
17 (13) Eilís Short 1.1 bn(€1.1bn)(€1.05bn) no ch
16 (14)Michael O’Leary 1.15bn (€1.1bn)(€1.08bn) +50m
Totals 2018 13.54 Billion; 2017 13.3Billion ; 2016 12.93Billion
Gain From 2017:240million Euro(Only 30 million each!)
Gain From 2016:610 million Euro(Only 66 million each!)
These are Tax Free Gains


EWI - January 17, 2018

Did Denis O’Brien’s own paper also declare him the ‘most stable genius’? It feels like a missed opportunity.


4. lcox - January 17, 2018

It’d be great to see some CLR people at this event, which we hope will express something of the same spirit of openness and debate on the left:

“The rebirth of Marxism: haunting the future”

Conference for Karl’s 200th with Toni Negri, Jodi Dean and others

Maynooth, May 4 – 5

The deadline for paper submissions for this is February 1st. We welcome activist contributions and non-conventional formats.

Keynote addresses are

Toni Negri, “Beginning again from Marx” and
Jodi Dean, “Theory of the comrade”

Registration will open shortly; rates as follows

• Unwaged, low waged, precariously employed, students €10
• Full time academic rate (non institutionally funded) €30
• Full time academic rate (institutionally funded) €60
• Maynooth students FREE
• Toni Negri’s keynote lecture will be FREE

The fee covers both days of the conference (Friday and Saturday), including lunch, tea and coffee on both days.

Full details at https://hauntingthefuture.wordpress.com/


5. Alibaba - January 18, 2018

‘Trump finally doled out his Fake News Awards after weeks of speculation, recognizing what he had called “the most corrupt & biased of the Mainstream Media”.

Nobel-prize winning economist Paul Krugman, who writes a regular opinion column – not news articles – for The New York Times, nabbed the number one spot.’



CL - January 18, 2018

Krugman overreacted to the shock of Trump’s win when he wrote
“So we are very probably looking at a global recession, with no end in sight”
But he retracted that a few day’s later.

Trump is taking credit for the current economic upsurge but that got going under Obama.


6. Starkadder - January 20, 2018

Now this is interesting: it turns out liberal darling Mia Farrow asked the notorious Blackwater Worldwide to intervene in Sudan a few
years ago:



7. Paddy Healy - January 21, 2018


Read More https://wp.me/pKzXa-xK

“In a stark assessment, the Rev. Commissioners say the new EU TAX will result in a fall in Ireland’s 8 billion corporation tax receipts, and “could substantially impact on receipts from payroll taxes” due to job cuts by tech firms.-SB Post
Jan 10 Department of Finance Confirms That Irish Economy is in Deadly Danger To-day-Confirms my Earlier Analysis, December 22, 2017. Irish Times- “Amid the outcry over corporate tax avoidance internationally, social media giant Facebook recently announced it would no longer book global revenues generated in other countries through Ireland, a practice that saves it hundreds of millions of euro in tax annually.” (but provides Ireland with much tax revenue-PH)
Paddy Healy-52.8% of all Irish Revenue Arises from Activities of Multinationals!!! December 22, 2017 at 6:53am
Irish Economy and Jobs In Deadly Danger From Growing EU-US TRADE WAR!


8. O'Connor Lysaght - January 21, 2018

/Users/imac/Downloads/echoes of revo programme v 1-0.docx


GW - January 21, 2018

I think your internal file-system is showing, OCL. 🙂


O'Connor Lysaght - January 21, 2018

If there is a four year-old child to show me how to do it? Anyway, I am trying to advertise an interesting looking conference on Marxism and Nationalism at Norwich’ University of East Anglia on the weekend of 17-18 February.


irishelectionliterature - January 22, 2018

They’ve a website with details etc here https://echoesofrevolution.wordpress.com/


O'Connor Lysaght - January 22, 2018

Thank you, iel.


Paddy Healy - January 23, 2018

Don’t Miss Rayner Lysaght on Sunday!
Weekend Conference: Echoes of Revolution
Venue: ZICER 0.01, UEA, Norwich, NR4 7TJ
17-18 February 2018

Saturday 17 February 2018

10.30 – 11.00 Registration, coffee

11.00 – 11.15 Welcome, tribute to William A. (Bill) Pelz

11.15 – 13.00 Éric Aunoble (University of Geneva)
The Revolution of 1848 in Eastern Galicia: An Impossible Legacy for the Ukrainian left?
Giuseppe Maiello (University of Finance and Administration, Prague)
The Glottophagy of the Czech language
Damian Winczewski (University of Szczecin)
Friedrich Engels and Revolutionary Warfare

13.00 – 14.00 Lunch break

14.00 – 15.45 Rodrigo Pereira Chagas (Federal University of Roraima)
1848, The Praieira Movement under Neocolonial Liberalism in Brazil
Katherine Connelly (Arcadia University, London)
“Order prevails in Warsaw!”
Karsten Ruppert (Katholische Universität Eichstätt-Ingolstadt)
The French Revolution of 1848 or how a republic abolished itself

15.45 – 16.15 Coffee

16.15 – 18.00 Merilyn Moos (London)
From revolution to counter-revolution: Germany 1918-1933
Steve Cushion (London)
Death at the Frontier
Ian Birchall (London)
Simultaneous revolution?

Sunday 18 February 2017

09.30 – 11.15 Giorgio Potì (EUI and American University, Rome)
Flirting with Lenin in Paris: The Egyptian Revolution of 1919 and the French Left
Romain Bonnet (University of Padova)
A counter-revolutionary vanguard? The Jaunes, organized violence, and strikebreaking in Belle Époque Europe
Antonie Doležalová (Robinson College, Cambridge and Faculty of Social Science, Charles University, Prague)
The 1918 in Czechoslovakia: A Social or National Revolution?

11.15 – 11.45 Coffee

11.45 – 13.30 D. R. O’Connor Lysaght (Dublin)
Marxism and the Irish National Question
Alan Hooper
National and social revolution, 1848/1918: towards Gramscian ‘intellectual and moral reform’
Sara Ann Sewell (Virginia Wesleyan University)
Forging a Revolutionary Identity through Ritual

13.30 – 14.30 Lunch break

14.30 – 17.15 Samuel Foster (UEA, Norwich)
Reviving the Völkerabfälle: The South Slav Left and the Creation of the First Yugoslavia
Francis King (UEA, Norwich)
Improbable nationalists? Social democracy and national independence in Georgia 1918-1921
Olena Palko (Birkbeck, London)
The social and/or national revolution(s): national communism in Ukraine during the civil war years

17.15 – 17.30 Conference Ends


GW - January 23, 2018

Thanks for a list of contents Paddy.

That looks fascinating – the German story is fairly well known, but the Eastern European, South American and Irish dimensions are little known AFAIK.

And will the proceedings be published? Videos, perhaps?


9. dublinstreams - January 22, 2018

Globalisation, Inequality and the Rise of Populism Who is the Populist Irish Voter? Theresa Reidy1 University College Cork Jane Suiter Dublin City Universit http://www.tara.tcd.ie/bitstream/handle/2262/82173/6breidy.pdf?sequence=1 some anti-elitism (more so in women) and (much less but some anti-foreigness) in FF and SF


GW - January 23, 2018

Direct Democracy – a party of the far left?! Eh?

Did I miss something?

I think I’ll be taking that paper with a large shovel of NaCl.

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dublinstreams - February 7, 2018

I would write it as a party of the far-right who might also attracts votes former leftists populists. Rather then as it is written as a far-left party that attracts populists.


dublinstreams - February 7, 2018


10. Aonrud ⚘ - January 22, 2018

The Linen Hall Library has digitised a lot of their political collection from the 1990s: https://www.dividedsociety.org

Lots of interesting material there.


O'Connor Lysaght - January 23, 2018

Thank you, too, Paddy Will you be there?


Paddy Healy - January 23, 2018

Yes-keeping an eye on you!!!! Looking forward to your paper!


O'Connor Lysaght - January 23, 2018

If you haven’t done so, you and other attendees should inform the organisers. They like to have some idea of the numbers for catering.


11. Tomboktu - January 23, 2018

I know some in this parish will be saddened with this news:


GW - January 23, 2018

That’s very sad – one of the greats – not just of the genre but of political fiction in general.


WorldbyStorm - January 24, 2018

Darn it, sorry to hear that. Loved a lot of her books and short stories. And +1 GW, deeply political.


Starkadder - January 24, 2018

Very sad to hear it. RIP Ursula.


lcox - January 24, 2018

A real loss to all of us. Not just for the visions of other possibilities but also for the critical solidarity that comes from writing that never simply celebrated or condemned but consistently asked questions about how we actually live and do the struggle for change or to work together differently. We need more like her.


12. Michael Carley - January 24, 2018

Good long piece on the “free speech” debate in universities with a starring role for the old comrades of the Revolutionary Communist Party.



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