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This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to…Skylab #1 January 27, 2018

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Here’s a mid 1990s group which saw an assemblage of talents, producer Howie B, DJ Mat Ducasse, Debbie Sanders and Japanese duo Tosh and Kudo. Working collectively across two albums they brewed up a mixture of downtempo and ambient, all of which would be – perhaps – par for the course during that period if not for the side order of musique concrete.

A, Green Mammal 2, Shhh and other tracks are in some ways soundscapes. Electric Blue offers a bridge (perhaps reminiscent of FSOL) and River of Bass does more or less what it says on the tin. Seashell has curious wordless and almost haunted backing vocals that swoon in the background – like an edgier William Orbit (not a difficult achievement some might say). Indigo and Six Nine are arguably the finest tracks on the album. The former starts off to choppy guitar chords and electronica – you’ll find a mostly unnecessary Sabres of Paradise remix on YouTube, the latter almost seven minutes long with a treated guitar and string swells (as well as an highly entertaining series of samples that lead it off) provides almost a sense of respite from all that has gone before it on this most atonal of albums.

Although no slouch when it comes to all things dance/electronica/idm related in the 1990s I’m not entirely sure how I found this. I seem to recall finding it in Macs in the George’s Street Arcade- now long gone, of course – but what made me select it escapes me. Perhaps a positive review in Melody Maker. Whatever way it happened I’ve never had cause to regret it.

Six Nine

River of Bass


Electric Blue



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