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This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to… Ruby the Hatchet February 10, 2018

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Been listening a lot to this US based outfit recently – psych/stoner/classic rock group from Philadelphia whose name is taken from an entertaining misreading of a well-known expression.

Imagine if you will Grace Slick, Sabbath, Purple and one of the speedier NWOBHM outfits coming together to do a session – throw in Kyuss and you get a sense of what Ruby the Hatchet are like – refreshingly fast for these times, linked to classic rock and metal but not tied down by it.

But Jillian Taylor’s voice is all her own, reverberant and powerful with no debt to Slick. And there are the keyboards by Sean Hur which take up more room than might be expected and to good effect. Throw Johnny Scarp’s guitar(s) which rock like it’s 1975 or 1980 and Lake Muir’s bass which speeds along with a punky energy. And finally Owen Stewart’s drums which wrap the whole thing together.

Songs like Demons and Gemini come with those tumbling descending massive riffs and are appropriately speedy – something that marks them out a bit from slower paced groups like Windhand. Not that they don’t do slow, but when they do there’s a lightness of touch that somehow accentuates the heaviness. And if I hesitantly suggest they’re classics of their kind that just points to the standard they’ve reached.

They’ve two, or is it three, albums; first album Ouroboros from 2012, Valley of the Snake from 2015 and 2017’s Planetary Space Child. There’s also an EP or two, Eliminator is excellent. Each filled with – did I mention them before – massive riffs. It’s all there. Cool group.

Heavy Blanket



Pagan Ritual


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