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Those UK MEPs… February 14, 2018

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The Phoenix had an interesting snippet about the Irexit contortions, and the conference earlier this month. It noted that Hermann Kelly, who it describes as Farage’s spin doctor was handing out leaflets calling for the creation of an Irexit party …

Kelly is a former activist with Ganley’s 2009 EU election campaign and was briefly editor of The Irish Catholic. But his current role in Europe with UKIP’s 19 MEP’s and its EU Parliament group, EFDD, is under serous threat as the party faces wipe in next years election. A potentially strong showing by the only anti-EU party in Ireland could, Hermann and pals believe, see on of their number elected to the EU parliament.

Some thoughts come to the fore… for a start getting a party together in advance of those elections, to be held 23 − 26 May 2019 seems like a tall order in this state. Or rather getting a party together that would win a seat does. Not impossible, but given the overwhelming support for the EU Irexit seems like a minority taste.

Then the piece alludes to both Cormac Lucey, who spoke but doesn’t hold hard eurosceptic views, and Tom McGurk, who was invited to be MC, both backing away from any Irexit party. Not exactly the best signs for a new party.

But a third thought that strikes is that UKIP may have nothing to fear about the 2019 European Parliament elections given that at this point the assumption is that – as wiki notes:

Due to the Brexit process, the United Kingdom’s 73 MEPs are expected to be removed a few months before the 2019 European Parliament election. In April 2017, a group of European lawmakers discussed what should be done about the vacated seats. One plan, supported by Gianni Pittella and Emmanuel Macron, is to replace the 73 seats with a pan-European constituency list; other options which were considered include dropping the British seats without replacement, and reassigning some or all of the existing seats from other countries to reduce inequality of representation.[14]


1. EWI - February 15, 2018

I hear Boris talking about the rights of UK subjects to retire to Spain being secure, and wonder what he’s smoking.


WorldbyStorm - February 15, 2018

The guy is just abysmal – his speech was completely lacking in content. You’re right, one has to wonder.


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