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Decommissioning February 27, 2018

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Anyone see the spread, quite elaborate too, in the Irish News this week where Alison Morris wrote about the OIRA/ORM decommissioning process with quotes from some involved and a long piece with Rev Harold Good. Just on the latter his patience and input was clearly crucial in the decommissioning process more broadly. And as to the OIRA/ORM, perhaps interesting that it gives us a sense of the nature of the processes.

Mention is made of late 1980s Soviet made rifles and silencers – the piece notes that this was ‘long after the group had called a ceasefire’.

Perhaps most usefully the OIRA/ORM members pour cold water on the retention of weapons supposedly for a ‘doomsday’ situation in the North (as suggested here), and argue that ‘the weapons were retained in case hostilities were to resurface between old rivals’. It notes that one member suggests that had the murders of Gerarrd Davison and Kevin McGuigan occurred at the time of decommissioning they might have been more reluctant to part with the weapons – ‘I suppose they showed that they [PIRA] could still be active if they wanted to’. The members were open that some weapons remained beyond the decommissioning process, either discovered after or lost by former members.


1. roddy - February 27, 2018

Are ORM not a different organisation from so called OIRA?


Joe - February 28, 2018

I haven’t read the article but it appears that the ORM don’t think so (i.e. they don’t think they are a different organisation from the OIRA or maybe, more correctly, some members of the ORM believe that they are/were the OIRA). It’s all a tad confusing isn’t it? More alphabet soup.


2. Gearóid Clár - February 28, 2018

To refer back to the Irish Left Archive:

…the ‘Official Republican Movement’ (ex members and supporters of the Workers Party) at the ORM conference attended by over 120 members…



3. Jim Flynn - February 28, 2018

The Official IRA has not decommissioned. The organisation will never surrender its arms until they have established the Workers’ Republic.


Joe - February 28, 2018

And you ‘know’ that how?


Sean O'Harrison - February 28, 2018

But leading members of the WP said there was no IRA or arms to carry out fundraising operations back in the 80’s , go to the RUC with information they said , while Official IRA volunteers languished behind bars among the criminals , ignored and forgotten and when released a pat on the back and a few free pints in the club , if they were lucky.
The reasons above are some of the causes of the Official IRA in Newry deciding en masse to support the setting up of the ORM as a political pressure group.
Maybe you have forgot about that period when volunteers were left to fend for themselves in various prisons , denied , ignored and forgotten … Others haven’t !


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