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A Guide To Election Poster Sleds February 28, 2018

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My children were looking in the shed at a bunch of election posters to use as possible sleds…….. A guide I did for them 😀

FG – Smooth ,slick and great for those who want to spin … but be warned it could go downhill at speed
FF – Solid but previously caused a big crash
Lab – Excellent at U turns, promises to go Left but turns right instead
SF – Durable but loses slickness over time
Ind – Promises much but hard to steer or control
Renua – Flimsy and constantly veers to the far right

Who did I miss? 🙂


1. alanmyler - February 28, 2018

We tried out a FG poster on the hill behind the house a while ago. It worked well. I wouldn’t dishonour the party by using any of the WP ones, and anyway the FG one is a better size.


2. GW - February 28, 2018

Very good IEL.

PBP/Solidarity – slippery vanguard sled that tends to rush off down hill leaving you sitting on your arse in the cold and wet.

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GW - February 28, 2018

Sorry – that should be two completely different vanguard sleds held together by gaffer tape. Tendency to rush off downhill in two parts etc.


3. roddy - February 28, 2018

The WP ones never get moving due to their “adhesive” nature!

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Joe - February 28, 2018

Watch out for the SF ones too – you could get an (English) pin up yer arse.


RosencrantzisDead - February 28, 2018

Getting reports from the local 8 to 10 years olds that the SF posters perform exactly like the FF, despite claims the former are made from different material.


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Liberius - February 28, 2018

Getting reports from the local 8 to 10 years olds

Obviously in the pay of MI5…

Sled of the family DDI, not going anywhere as snow is a legal conspiracy and doesn’t exist.


4. roddy - February 28, 2018

The SP ones are a bit soggy.They have seen sea trials in case another task force is needed to “save” the “Falklands”


5. murf - February 28, 2018

WP ones don’t do much by themselves, but have proven ability to support fragile FF posters.


WorldbyStorm - February 28, 2018

Oh that’s cruel murf, cruel I say! 🙂


6. Dr. Nightdub - February 28, 2018

DUP – refuse to participate, on the basis that Ulster Says Snow. Instead, concentrate on melting the snow using all those wood pellets.


7. Dermot O Connor - February 28, 2018

SF sled might kneecap you? Jazus, I’ll get a job writing for the Indo at this rate.

Green party sled is recycled pulp, can disintegrate at any time.

DUP sled won’t move forward, but spins around in a glorious revolution.

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