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Border skirmish February 28, 2018

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Another Brexiter, Tory MP Bernard Jenkin, told BBC Newsnight on Tuesday: “We are not having a hard border in Northern Ireland under any circumstances.”But he added: “If the EU wants a hard border, and they put stuff up at the border, that’s their problem. That’s not our problem.”

Jenkin does not appear to understand that that is not the way borders work in relation to both customs areas and trade. The UK would be in breach of WTO agreements were it not to institute border controls in the event of a ‘hard Brexit’.


1. CL - February 28, 2018

The Brexit confusion is threatening to degenerate into chaos.
May is now accusing Labour of ‘betrayal’.
The proposal in the draft Withdrawal Agreement to treat all Ireland as one unit, and to shift the trade border to the Irish sea has enraged unionists. What the DUP achieved last December with the dramatic last minute phone call to May as she met with Juncker has been ignored.
But DUP votes keep May in power, and although disaffection among Remain Tories is growing the chance of a vote of no confidence succeeding is slim to none. The debacle continues.

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2. CL - March 1, 2018

Some support for Jenkins from Stephen Collins.

“That said, Barnier’s hard line on the Border doesn’t mean there isn’t going to be one if the UK leaves the customs union and the single market, and we need to be aware of the fact that it will be imposed by the EU side and not the British.”

A hard Brexit and a hard border will be the fault of the EU, not the British. We will probably hear more of this foolish line as the Brexit fiasco continues to unfold.


EWI - March 1, 2018

Collins acting as a mouthpiece for southern pro-British elements, as ever.


CL - March 1, 2018

Collins also makes the usual but erroneous assumption that remaining in the customs union will be sufficient to avoid a hard border.
He writes:
” but at least there is now a better chance than was the case a few months ago that the advocates of a soft Brexit will prevail.
If that happens, and the UK remains in the custom’s union, then all of the agonising about the Border will prove academic.”

Barnier today points out:

‘But it should be well understood that – even in a customs union – a country which is outside of the single market always faces border checks to ensure compliance with European standards.’


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