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Justin’s Return …… March 10, 2018

Posted by irishelectionliterature in Uncategorized.

From todays Rally in Dublin….. Justin has returned!


1. WorldbyStorm - March 10, 2018

Words near enough fail me.


2. dublinstreams - March 10, 2018

Not seeing the front page you showed on twitter… is this about abortion or him?


RosencrantzisDead - March 10, 2018

is this about abortion or him?

Post title is “Justin’s Return”…

You figure it out.


3. EWI - March 10, 2018

Justin’s a Grundsätzlicher Befehl für die Vorbereitungen zur Verteidigung der Reichshauptstadt kind of guy.


4. CL - March 10, 2018

-“We will win because of the hubris of the other side,” said Gerry McGeough, 59, a member of the Catholic Irish nationalist group Ancient Order of Hibernians who travelled down with several busloads of activists from the Northern Ireland county of Tyrone. “Traditional Ireland has finally awoken,” he said.-


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