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Sunday and the Week’s Media Stupid Statements… March 11, 2018

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A few this week.

Outside the media a late entry by one S. Bannon.


“You fight for your country and they call you racist. But the days when those kind of insults work is over. The establishment media are the dogs of the system. Every day, we become stronger and they become weaker. Let them call you racists, xenophobes or whatever else, wear these like a medal.”

For those who thought his empty rhetoric on workers meant anything let them reflect on that.

Meanwhile there were contributions from Stephen Collins, and Kathy Sheridan, already dealt with in posts.

Then there was this from a group of self-described pro-life feminists outside Leinster House on Thursday:

Speaking outside Leinster House [one] she was a nurse who had worked in a hospital in London where “hundreds” of abortions had taken place each week.
Asked if the women were not undergoing abortions by choice, Ms McDonald said: “Absolutely not. They are coerced by boyfriends, husbands, mothers, fathers – I’ve seen it all.”


“I think us women have this wonderful privilege of being mothers.”
Asked if women should also be able to chose not to be mothers, she said: “Of course, but you don’t have sex if you don’t want to be a mother. That’s the scientific facts.”

As to more news media, was there ever a more misleading headline as in the Sports section of the Independent when in regard to the jibes by Michael O’Neill directed at Martin O’Neill one can read:

‘Obviously I have a problem’ – Ireland boss responds to Michael O’Neill’s ‘Catholic’ jibes

But reading yet further one will see something a little different:

Speaking today after naming a 30-man provisional squad to face Turkey later this month, Martin O’Neill said: “Obviously I have a problem with the unexpected nature of the comments. I think Michael has admitted this…I haven’t even taken a player away from him at senior level. I’ve no problem having a discussion.”

Or in the same paper there’s John Downing who writes during the week:

Through the 1970s and 1980s, Sinn Féin and its IRA counterparts effectively purloined the flag from the rest of the nation. By creeping innuendo and persistent action, they linked it to murder in Ireland, spilling over into Britain and into mainland Europe. Soon, ordinary citizens were reluctant to fly their own flag. People old enough to remember our heroes at the Italia ’90 World Cup will recall the joy of people once more able to fly their flag without apology or embarrassment in the name of sport.

But surely Italia ’90 was during the armed campaign, and that campaign persisted another, what, six or so years? Which raises a number of questions as to what point is being made.


1. Michael Carley - March 11, 2018

Cohen’s on form

That note of contempt can still be heard. The majority of British unions, with their complicated structures and tiny turnouts in union elections, suit the far left. It would struggle to retain control if union membership reflected the workforce and strategies were built on consensus rather than diktats of whatever Stalinist or Trotskyist faction could stay awake the longest in the interminable meetings.



WorldbyStorm - March 11, 2018

Oh dear, he’s still at it. One wonders what he knows of union life.


Michael Carley - March 11, 2018

And he seems to know nothing about the university pensions strike, which I’m pretty sure is the biggest ever in the sector.


Alibaba - March 11, 2018

As is usual for Cohen we get an arse and parsley explanation. And failure to mention the salient point, university pensions strike, is noticeably wide of the mark. It is my experience that those preoccupied with ‘consensus’ are really those with the loudest voices or strongest positions obsessed with railroading decisions through and then telling us that we all agreed to it. Give me a vote , especially on important matters and long meetings any day.

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Daniel Rayner O'Connor - March 11, 2018

No doubt Corbyn (and McCluskey) bashing is fun, but what the blazes is the man’s programme?
And the charge of ‘racism’ against the left reminds me of de Leon’s accusation that Connolly was a secret Jesuit.


EWI - March 12, 2018

Cohen’s slur against the likely(?) new woman Corbynite GS of Labour is despicable beyond belief. It doesn’t matter who she slept with thirty years ago!


2. Starkadder - March 11, 2018

““I think us women have this wonderful privilege of being mothers.”
Asked if women should also be able to chose not to be mothers, she said: “Of course, but you don’t have sex if you don’t want to be a mother. That’s the scientific facts.”

If this woman is a feminist of any kind, then I
am King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden.


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