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Anyone have a copy of Ingenious Ireland they could loan? March 12, 2018

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A good friend of the CLR was asking whether anyone here has a copy of Ingenious Ireland by author Mary Mulvihill – apparently it’s next to impossible to acquire. Mulvihill was science reviewer on The Arts Show on RTÉ. If anyone does email me at the Left Archive address and I’ll get straight back to you. Thanks.


1. Paschal - March 12, 2018

Its available on Amazon for £314.08 (used) or £745.36 (new). I’d go for the used copy. I can see why it might be difficult to find anyone who owns one.


WorldbyStorm - March 12, 2018

Hahah, yeah, fair point. I saw that myself. I’ll bet it’s a fraction of that in a charity shop somewhere up and down the country. There’s a broader discussion on absurd prices for books that are long out of print. But I’m a ‘scan it in and make it freely available’ proponent.

I do trust the person though.


2. Logan - March 12, 2018

There are plenty of copies floating around in the Dublin City Council, (and neighbouring counties) library system, including a reference copy in Pearse Street Library, if your friend just want to consult it.

Also, afriend of mine had a copy, I am sure, might take me a week or two to get it from them though.

By the way, you are Left Archive I take it? Because you are coming up as “guest poster”, which might be a problem as people will not know how to contact you.


WorldbyStorm - March 12, 2018

That’s really handy to know re the libraries Logan, appreciated.

Left Archive is perfect thanks but hang on and I’ll see if the library system works better before putting you or your friend to trouble.


3. Tomboktu - March 12, 2018

Is this the email address you mean:



WorldbyStorm - March 12, 2018

Yes, that’ll do!


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