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Sign of the times March 12, 2018

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This happens every few years – a piece on how astrology is making a comeback. This piece in the Observer came out yesterday – far too kind to astrology. Far far too kind. 


Some of us will be particularly irritated by the following:

He says he has noticed an uptake in millennials turning not only to sun signs, but also seeking out a deeper understanding of the science on which the system is based. (Sceptics will say that it is not science-based; practitioners will argue roots in astronomy and connections to quantum physics.)

Where to start with that? Perhaps by closing the page, folding up the paper and walking away quietly.


1. E C - March 12, 2018

I think horoscopes as we know them in newspapers were thought up by a chap writing for the Daily Express in the late 1920s who wasn’t even the go to guy for that kind of thing, he was filling in for someone else. I read that in the Craig Brown book on Princess Margaret so her birth may have had something to do with it all, my goldfish memory knows not what. I’m more an examining seagull entrails man myself


WorldbyStorm - March 12, 2018

Seagull entrails? Whatever works! 🙂


E C - March 12, 2018

IIRC, in Asterix and the Soothsayer, it was pigeon entrails the titular Soothsayer used to predict the future, and therefore the Romans sent him into the village to bamboozle the Gauls.

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