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The UK’s idea of a seamless border is very different to anyone else…  March 12, 2018

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As evidence by Varadkar’s outright dismissal of the idea:

…reportedly being considered by No 10 which could mean people crossing the border after Brexit would have to register in advance to avoid checks and delays.

It has been claimed anyone without so-called fast track movement clearance would also have to use approved crossing points or risk being considered to have entered the State irregularly.


Interesting that he downplays the idea of violence in favour of ‘vandalism’ of installations at the Border. I’ll bet this is a response to Brexit proponents suggesting that those pointing to the likelihood of armed violence against border installations is somehow ‘blackmail’ etc.

Though as noted at the weekend, I’d bet that it’d be a bit more than vandalism. And so have current and former PSNI officers as well as Garda.


1. benmadigan - March 12, 2018

here are my thoughts on Ireland First https://eurofree3.wordpress.com/2018/03/11/ireland-first/


2. EWI - March 12, 2018

This sounds like part of a DUP shopping list (along with the other recent threats to impose ‘British values’ and ‘English language only’ in schools etc).


Jim Monaghan - March 13, 2018

I think for the DUP, British values are somewhat different to that of most English People.


Daniel Rayner O'Connor - March 13, 2018

Believe it. For many English, Welsh & Scots, the northern Unionist mindset is more foreign than the Irish nationalist one.


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