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There are no words… March 13, 2018

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A woman convicted of aggravated murder in El Salvador after suffering a stillbirth has been freed from prison, the second such release in the space of a month.

Maira Verónica Figueroa Marroquín, 34, had her sentence commuted by the ministry of justice and was released on Tuesday after serving almost 15 years of a 30-year sentence.

The court said it considered the sentence to be excessive and immoral.

El Salvador has had a total ban on abortion since 1998. Since then dozens of women have been accused of having illegal terminations after experiencing obstetric emergencies, and later have been convicted of homicide.


1. Daniel Rayner O'Connor - March 14, 2018

Let’s be clear. The plight of Ms Figueroa is exactly according to the logic of the anti-abortionists; a less extreme version is, of course the NI AG’s prosecution of a woman taking a morning after pill.
These cases should be publicised remorselessly by pro-choice campaigners, just as the enemy is using its grab bag of horror stories. And we have the advantage that our cases are true.


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