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Unrequited love March 27, 2018

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An intriguing poll revealed yesterday on attitudes in Britain to Brexit and the importance voters there place on various aspects of that issue:

More than a third of those polled (36%) said exiting the European Union was a higher priority than keeping Northern Ireland within the UK.

Of those surveyed, 29% said retaining Northern Ireland within the UK was more important than Brexit.

Around 22% said neither was important, while the remainder said they did not know which one to prioritise higher.

Predictably…perhaps understandably:

DUP MP Jeffrey Donaldson told LBC he did not think the survey findings were relevant.

“The Good Friday Agreement states very clearly that the principle of consent means that it’s for the people of Northern Ireland alone to decide whether we remain part of the United Kingdom,” he said.

“Since the UK government, the Irish government and Brussels have all said that any Brexit agreement must fully recognise all of the terms of the Good Friday Agreement, I really don’t think this is relevant.”

But there’s a deeper point than one poll and that is that despite the DUP’s strenuous efforts their efforts to elide their interests with that of Brexit and to place themselves close to the heart of government in the UK they and the project they represent remain remarkably marginal and unloved.

It’s not that the immediate is most important, it is that further down the line, ten, twenty, thirty years or perhaps more or perhaps less the attitudes extant and evident in that poll will hardly diminish. And their political importance will be even greater.

What’s even more striking is the immediate recourse to the GFA/BA as the stabilising principle. Interesting.


1. irishelectionliterature - March 27, 2018

It really shows how English Brexit is…
I wonder what the result would be were you to substitute Scotland for Northern Ireland?


2. makedoanmend - March 27, 2018

“What’s even more striking is the immediate recourse to the GFA/BA as the stabilising principle. Interesting.”

When it suits them, it is invoked. At other times, don’t the DUP declare they never signed up to the GFA or some such other?

I think that the DUP like many brexiteers think the world is a cherry orchard ripe for the picking, and only they know this. Mum’s the word. ;-|

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3. EWI - March 27, 2018

Speaking of the DUP:


EWI - March 27, 2018

Also, what’s the betting that they’re behind the invitation to Trump to ‘visit the Border’?


4. GW - March 27, 2018

Word. Yes – I’ve been rewatching The Wire. 🙂


5. Daniel Rayner O'Connor - March 27, 2018

The fact is that tho’ many English Brexiteers are genuine little Englanders, a number of their leaders (notably Gove and Farago) are English nationalists who are determined to maintain an Anglo-Saxon dominated UK, with the GFA confined to the wpb and no regional parliaments. If the natives object, well the good old ‘British’ (in fact English) Army will sort them.


EWI - March 27, 2018

If the natives object, well the good old ‘British’ (in fact English) Army will sort them

It’s worrying in this context that the EU has stood by as Spain has persecuted the Catalans, and pursued their leaders across Europe. If an exited UK turns on the Scots and the Northern Irish Catholics, who will step in? The UN was comprehensively neutered by Bush II and Blair.


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