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Quite a crowd …….. March 30, 2018

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Quite a crowd in Dublin (and other centres around the Island) today in support of the Woman at the centre of the recent rape trial.
Not the usual protest crowd there either (although many prominent people from The Left were there, the only leaflets I saw were from ROSA). For something organised at less than 24 hours notice that’s some turnout.
The Beginning of something I wonder ? ….. Or a part of wider movement connected to Repealing the 8th?


1. benmadigan - March 30, 2018

let us all hope it is “The Beginning of something” . . . .
Something to do with Irish women taking their rightful place in society as their half of the Irish skies – politically,educationally,financially, economically, socially and sexually speaking, of course.
Add what you will as the Irishwoman’s spheres of action and rights

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2. 6to5against - March 30, 2018

I was impressed by the turnout. Without the backing of unions, or a handful of other organisations, few protests in Dublin can draw many beyond 3 figures. For that crowd to turn out at 24 hours notice suggests something organic to me. Hard to see where it can go next, but the turnout itself may have been of some comfort to victims. Hope so, anyway.

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Tomboktu - March 30, 2018

I expect that taking that support and turning it into practical changes would probably entail the RCC or NWCI or sister organisations organising or coordinating specific actions.

‘Places’ that responses could go next include
– revisiting trial and prosecution procedures,
– standards and practices of media providers, including the ‘mainstream’ print and broadcast media and social media,
– standards and practices of sports organisations,
– decisions of commercial organisations that sponsor sports organisations,
– education programmes both in schools and colleges and in other settings,
– police and medical and social care responses to all forms of gender-based violence,
– lobbying for political responses to rape and domestic violence and their victims is a range of settings (including, for example, the nature and quantity of support provided to victims of sexual abuse in the asylum system, including where rape or assault occurred outside this jurisdiction),
– harnessing public support to boycott organisations – commercial, sporting, political, social – that respond inadequately to rape, sexual assault, gender-based violence.

When I was born, the concept of sexual harassment was not a legal concept, but activists lobbied and harried and secured that legal change. That gives me hope to say that there is no reason why that concept could not be expanded, or a new concept introduced (and given legal weight), to prohibit, and to provide effective remedies to, the disgraceful response that occurred on social media, including the comments by the Laois and the Drogheda United players.

I am also reminded that we changed our criminal laws when they proved inadequate to responding to wealth-producing crime to enable the proceeds to be seized, and would be interested to see if the law could be changed to enable sub-criminal sanctions to be imposed in cases of alleged rape, sexual violence or gender-based violence, where the ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ standard could not be met but it is sufficiently clear that unacceptable behaviour was committed.

On the other hand, a challenge just at the moment is that the NWCI for the next eight or so weeks has its eye on the referendum. The RCC would be a suitable leadership organisation for a major national programme of work if it wished to take on that role, but its financial resources might make it difficult for it to do a significant volume of work.

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WorldbyStorm - March 30, 2018

Excellent overview. Perhaps I could post that up as a post on your behalf?

6to5, completely agree. I was heartened by the simple fact of the march and other protests as a gesture of solidarity.

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