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The President’s base… March 30, 2018

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A comment on Slate.com below an article on Trump’s latest wheeze – that is to get the Pentagon to pay for the border wall (on the grounds of it being a matter of ‘national security’ – natch!) – I think is very perceptive and it certainly made me think:

I don’t think that we have seen a major politician as amoral as Trump for a very long time. Most politicians are spineless because they serve a fickle public who can turn on a dime.  But Trump does not really care about the general public.  He has his fans, he does not expect to get more and that is that.  Unfortunately, his fan base makes no demands on him.  Rather than forcing him to be consistent, they adjust to him.  With that can of power over his fan base – that is how he thinks of them – he is totally unrestrained.

Those latter points re the ‘fan base’ making no demands and adjusting to him are excellent. This, in a way, explains so much – his continuing support. Of course there’s an aspect of this to any President, any political leader. But what is so striking is that there are no clear base expectations. I suspect that were the wall not to be implemented in any meaningful fashion that he wouldn’t lose any great degree of support because this isn’t about principles, or even ideology (though both are aspects), but about attitudes. Trump speaks for a cohort and even if what he says is incoherent (perhaps particularly because it is incoherent) that is sufficient.


1. An Sionnach Fionn - March 30, 2018

All those Pentagon contractors who made a killing in Afghanistan and Iraq with their, er, imaginative book-keeping must be rubbing their hands in glee. I wonder if any of them will be in the Trump network of businesses and business associates?


EWI - March 31, 2018

Obama’s disinterest in prosecuting wrong-doing such as murder, torture and massive theft in Iraq, and his bail-out and effective amnesty for the banksters are unfortunately sympomatic of the corrupt Left worldwide, our own Labour Party included.

That they failed to impose consequences for such criminality – so much for ‘tough decisions’ – means that such things are now the new normal, and we’re inifinitely worse off.


Dermot O Connor - April 1, 2018

Yup; much the same could be said of Obama’s base. Dropped drones like confetti, started one war after another, implemented the largely farcical health care reform (penalizing poor people for not having private insurance!!!), bailing out banksters, a big steaming pile of SFA, AND he got re-elected.

The moral compass of each party switches depending on which team is in power. War = bad (for dems, if GOP is in power), and War = bad (for gop, if Dems are in), and so on.

These people are political in the same sense as the supporters of a football team are political.

They get the leaders they deserve.


2. CL - March 30, 2018

Trump’s nationalism and votes from Democrats means the military-industrial complex is doing just fine.

“When President Donald Trump signed the $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill on Friday, he approved what his administration calls the largest military budget in US history, $700 billion.”

‘The House passed the $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill, 256-167, with 145 Republicans and 111 Democrats voting “yes.” The “no” votes came from 90 Republicans and 77 Democrats.’

The Senate vote was 65-32.

‘Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said as the minority party in Congress, “We feel good.” He added, “We produced a darn good bill.”


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