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BDS isn’t antisemitic March 31, 2018

Posted by Citizen of Nowhere in Uncategorized.

On the day that’s in it, when Israeli troops have killed at least 17 Palestinians and counting in Gaza it’s important to renew support for BDS (Boycott, Disinvestment & Sanctions) against the current government of Israel –  the only tactic likely to make a difference – and resist attempts to criminalise it.

Here’s Judith Butler on the falsehood that identifies BDS with antisemitism

and the contrasting alliance of real antisemites like Bannon, Spencer and Orban with the murderous Likud government.

As Butler states:

… antisemitism has become identified as anti-Zionism, or as BDS (which are different, by the way) or openly critical attitudes to the state of Israel (which is yet different again). The new version of antisemitism vacates the term of its descriptive powers…


1. ThalmannBrigadier - March 31, 2018

How is Steve Bannon an anti-semite?


WorldbyStorm - March 31, 2018

As this noted he doesn’t have a record of direct statements but he certainly seems to have had few qualms about enabling platforms for those who do espouse them. My read is that’s not good enough https://www.adl.org/resources/backgrounders/stephen-bannon-five-things-to-know

But then I expect no better from reactionaries who address FN conferences and suggests they should wear accusations of racism as badges of pride.


Citizen of Nowhere - April 1, 2018

Well there are those (disputed) statements by his wife.

But it really doesn’t matter whether Bannon is personally antisemitic – he has long been functionally so; by providing a platform for the Alt-Right standard conspiracy whereby a (Jewish) world elite is enabling the flooding of the the (Christian) white heartlands by the Muslim hordes.

And this is precisely the myth that maintains Orbán in power. I’m not convinced that Orbán is personally antisemitic, but he sure as hell deploys it.

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Citizen of Nowhere - April 1, 2018

ex-wife, I believe.

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WorldbyStorm - April 1, 2018

That’s the cynicism of it all.

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2. dan - April 1, 2018

It isn’t but a sizable and very vocal cohort of those who back it are anti semitic.

There is nothing anti semitic about opposing Israel though.

Labour in Britain is not the only part of the European Left that has an anti semitism problem.

I lived in the Netherlands for a while and there is a real problem with anti semitism there, a shocking problem.

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