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The Alliance party and its views on Brexit April 13, 2018

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The Alliance Party position on Brexit

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q. Do Alliance accept the outcome of the UK wide democratic referendum in which the majority voted for Brexit?

A. Yes, Alliance fully accept that the majority of voters in the UK as a whole voted to leave the EU. But we also strongly believe that Brexit is an act of immense economic and political self-harm for the UK as a whole, and even more so for Northern Ireland.

We also note that voters did not vote to leave either or both of the Single Market or the Customs Union, indeed many of the senior campaigners for the Leave Campaign openly envisaged the UK adopting the “Norway” or “Switzerland” model.

And we must remember that Northern Ireland is rather different from England, where most of the Leave voters live. Most of the voters from Northern Ireland voted to remain in the European Union itself.

Alliance believe that a democracy is not a democracy unless the people have the capacity to change their mind. That’s why we do not have one election and expect the result to stand for ever. Alliance are therefore calling for the people to have an informed opportunity to vote again, in a second referendum, when the real impacts of the options arising from the negotiations are clear.

2. Q. Do Alliance agree with all parts of the UK leaving the EU on the same terms?

A. The Alliance Party proposals acknowledge that politically and constitutionally the UK will leave the EU together, unless there is a UK-wide reconsideration of the Brexit decision.

Economically, we advocate all of the UK staying in both the Single Market and the Customs Union.

If that proves unachievable then we propose that we take account of Northern Ireland’s unique position as a recovering post-conflict economy and society, the land boundary with the European Union and the context and interdependent relationships of the Good Friday Agreement, through creating an environment which allows Northern Ireland to be simultaneously a full participant in two markets, the United Kingdom internal market, and the European Union single market.

3. Q. Is Northern Ireland being in a European Market without the rest of the UK really possible?

  1. A. Yes, but it will mean the devolution of additional powers to the Northern Ireland Executive and Assembly, so that they can keep Northern Ireland fully aligned with relevant directives and regulations.

    4. Q. Will being in both markets mean we do not need any borders?

A. This will depend on detailed negotiations, but it is possible that there will have to be some controls on goods leaving Northern Ireland to ensure that they are entitled to access to the market to which they are being exported. But goods of Northern Ireland origin would continue to have tariff free access to both markets.

5. Q. Does the Alliance plan not bring in a united Ireland by the back door?

A. Not at all. Alliance fully supports the rights of all the citizens of Northern Ireland, embedded in an international treaty, to decide the constitutional future in a referendum. There can be no change to Northern Ireland’s status as part of the United Kingdom without the consent of a majority of the people of Northern Ireland. Our proposals are entirely consistent with this political and constitutional framework, and only require more powers to be operated through the Northern Ireland Assembly or by the UK Parliament in relation to Northern Ireland.

6. Q. What does all of this mean for jobs, education, health, food prices, all the things that matter most to people?

A. The people of Northern Ireland depend on a growing economy to create the money needed to deliver the public services we use. Alliance’s proposals are focused on creating the best possible environment for such an economy to grow. Continued participation in the EU single market will allow businesses to have not only immediate direct access to sell in Europe, the largest such market in the world, but also to recruit people with the skills necessary to help them grow. And developing our own skills base will be easier with continued cooperation between our own two great universities, and the regional colleges, and those throughout Europe.  Being able to take part in joint research projects in the health sciences sector has helped develop new treatments and drugs.

A growing economy is also needed to fund future pensions and health care as the population lives for longer. Staying in the single market ensures the best possible standards of environmental regulation, food safety, water and proper animal health and welfare.



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