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Sunday and the Week’s Media Stupid Statements… April 15, 2018

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From an article in the IT this week…

By contrast Ireland has been a model for the world on how to extend care, concern and legal protection to both mother and unborn child. It has resisted the false narrative of “maternal/foetal conflict” that sets their interests against one another. As an outside admirer from a country whose abortion laws are among the most extreme in the world, I sincerely hope that the people of Ireland choose to retain the Eighth Amendment and thus continue as a beacon for the health and flourishing of mothers and babies, born and unborn.

Step forward O Carter Snead… William P and Hazel B White director of the centre for ethics and culture, professor of law and concurrent professor of political science at the University of Notre Dame.

All other contributions welcome. BTW, if you want to send photos of quotes from printed papers fire ahead – you can forward them to the email in the column on the right hand side…


1. An Sionnach Fionn - April 15, 2018

Not quite a media statement but Bono on a discussion of Bush Jr. and his own politics:

“I started to be suspicious of clear political lines. I came from the left, that’s where I grew up on the left, but I would consider myself, I’m interested in the radical center, which is just problem-solving.”

Isn’t this oft mentioned “radical centre” just neoliberalism in hipster guise?


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2. An Sionnach Fionn - April 15, 2018

Argh! Formatting on a phone is a pain! If only WP gave an edit button for errant comments.


WorldbyStorm - April 15, 2018

+1, such rubbish from Bono. Radical centre…


3. Jemmyhope - April 15, 2018

He means ‘the extreme centre’ of Blair etc., whose problem solving involved cossetting the wealthy and screwing the less well off through austerity.

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