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Grifters administration… April 16, 2018

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It’s difficult to sometimes comprehend just how awful the Trump administration. There’s so much of it that seeing the wood for the trees can be difficult. But a perfect example brings it home. Scott Pruit was mentioned on the Slate political gabfest (and for more on him and his tenure at the EPA check out the New Yorker over the last few weeks and an excellent overview of him), and there was a clear attitude amongst the panelists that this is an incredibly, almost overtly, corrupt administration.

Is there something that makes people drawn to Trump grifters. Is that part of the DNA?

Another point made was that Pruitt is actually benefiting from the sheer volume of corruption stories, that when one person is a grifter that’s a problem, but when there’s so many it gets lost.

Of course US administrations have from the off been characterised by corruption, but there does seem to be a sharply different aspect to this. My read is that this follows on from the fact that Trump and his circle did not, right up to election night, and after the results came in, expect to win. That same attitude, a short-termism, a sense that this gig may be very time-limited is still in effect and it’s a grab what you can get and that the guy at the top either doesn’t care or his troubles mask matters.

What do others think?


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