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Repeal campaign online… April 16, 2018

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Uncategorized.

I’m amazed at the volume of anti-Repeal online spots on sites I visit. It’s been mentioned in comments already, but it’s something else to go to Slate.com or wherever and be met by this. Suggestive of a big spend?


1. dublinstreams - April 16, 2018

Why are you surprised _you_ are seeing referendum ads on slate.com?

If yas don’t already know see the Transparent Referendum whotargetsme plugin database of ads http://tref.ie/database/


WorldbyStorm - April 16, 2018

I’m not really surprised to see ads on Slate, it’s the volume that surprises me. That’s why I ask is it a big spend?


EWI - April 17, 2018

Must be a huge spend. I’m still seeing them on other US sites.


dublinstreams - April 17, 2018

does seeing these ads on US sites really suggest a huge spend?


An Cathaoirleach - April 17, 2018

No, ads are placed using your IP address.The site has no involvement, space is sold centrally.

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WorldbyStorm - April 17, 2018

Thanks AC, useful to know.


6to5against - April 17, 2018

Im not sure its that simple. I just checked and went on a number of Irish sites. I Times, indo…I saw no 8th related material. Then I went on Slate and immediately a prolife anti repeal ad appeared, as wbs said. I know its possible to buy online ad space for specific websites but i understand there is also a more broad based system out there. Anybody know a good blog drscribing how it all works?

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dublinstreams - April 17, 2018

So the Irish sites have their inventory booked up by business wanting to target Ireland but (If the ad exchanges care about what site they are showing their ads on) slate is mostly for an American audience so ads targeting Ireland would proabably be cheap.You could always avoid these ads by weening yourself off your contrarian addiction, a la slate wbs.


6to5against - April 17, 2018

From my experience the Irish sites seem to be dominated by some company selling ‘soft water baths’. And slippers. Sort of resentful of their targetting and the implication that I’m somewhere between middle aged and decrepit. But at the same time, I could do with a nice pair of slippers…..


WorldbyStorm - April 18, 2018

+1 6to5 against


Tomboktu - April 18, 2018

I’m not really surprised to see ads on Slate

A further question that pops into my mind is: is the *content* of the Slate adverts designed for the ‘segment’/demographic of Irish people who read Slate. Are they/you more open to being persuaded to vote no or are they/you less certain of voting yes if a certain type of argument is made?


WorldbyStorm - April 18, 2018

That’s a fascinating question Tomboktu. It’s hard to believe given slates social liberalism that many or any who go there would change their opinion due to these ads.


An Cathaoirleach - April 18, 2018

I imagine they may have placed the ads based on your browsing history, which suggests an interest in the issue. I tend to use an adblocker & disable my location, making me partially immune. However, there is greater use of wraparound ads, where the ad is effectively part of the page and not blocked by ad blocking software.


WorldbyStorm - April 18, 2018

Well here’s the funny thing – I doubt my browsing history does indicate any great interest in the 8th. Looking back to March on that computer I see only a couple of IT articles on it that I read, one being an FO’T piece. I don’t check out FB or twitter so it’s a puzzle why that over some other topic.


2. An Cathaoirleach - April 17, 2018

Almost all sites leave the sale of their ad space to third parties. If you look at the Google accounts, you will see a reference to TAC (Traffic Acquisition Costs). This is the amount paid by Google to the owner of the website, based on the number of clicks on a particular ad. The advertiser may ask for their ads to go in particular locations, as well as being targeted on those resident in particular areas. If you have your geo location turned on, you may find you get ads from local businesses.

For example, the Revenue will look for banner ads on the RTE.ie business pages at certain times of the year, to remind employers to file forms P35 or chargeable persons to file their tax returns. They are not interested in having ads placed on the entertainment pages, as it is not the target audience!

There are rates set based on the audience/demand etc. The site owner will negotiate their share, say 30% of the total take.

Adwords, i.e. ads which appear at the top of searches are different. This is normally dealt with by a bidding process.

There are lots of other ways of targeting audiences, based on their browsing history etc. For example, if you want to target a particular audience, see https://www.insurancehero.org.uk/types/lgbt-life-insurance-for-gay-people.html

Specialist financial services, such as this, used to be the most valuable, general campaigns the cheapest.

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3. Joe - April 17, 2018

Stick this under ‘Repeal Campaign on the Ground’.
Lovely evening in Dublin tonight. Took the dog out for a walk. We weren’t a hundred yards down the road when we were met by a group of about twenty what I thought first were European university students. But no, it was Cllr Gary Gannon with a large group of Yes campaigners about to start a door to door canvas. Good mix of women and men. Impressive. All well dressed and in their twenties and early thirties. I slagged them by asking were there no grey hairs allowed in the Yes campaign.
On we went on our walk then down towards Grangegorman and what do we see only about twelve people very busy putting up No posters. Age profile was more in the late thirties and forties. One woman, the rest men.
My prediction from these observations is that it’s gonna be close :).


4. GW - April 18, 2018


a) Either reinstall your browser – getting rid of all the hidden files that configure it OR install a new open source virgin browser like Chromium or Firefox

b) use a VPN with a non-Irish exit IP to browse the web.

Alternatively use and anonymising browser like the TOR browser to browse the web.

Then the trackers shouldn’t be able to identify you, or that you are coming from the Republic of Ireland.

Systems like QubesOS allow you to fire up a virgin browser and environment whenever you wish.


GW - April 18, 2018

Oh and don’t use the new browser to log in to anything like Herpes aka Facebook.

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5. GW - April 18, 2018

I seen that The Together For Yes crowdfunding campaign exceeded its target of half a million yoyos.

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