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This weekend I’ll mostly be listening to… Fazerdaze April 21, 2018

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Fazerdaze, aka, Amelia Murray from Auckland, New Zealand happens to be on Flying Nun. And that seems appropriate, even though her album was released last year. There’s the same sense of post-punk experimentation that has run through Flying Nun’s releases over the years, though the sound is cleaner in these sparse stripped down arrangements. Indeed they even tilt slightly poppy but with aspects of shoegaze and dream pop, and soft electronica particuarly in the percussion and some keyboards. Particular kudos in regard to the latter on tracks like Jennifer.

Tracks like Last to Sleep sweep past smoothly, staccato but melodic guitars (which every once in a while go in some very interesting and subtle directions – the solo on Little Uneasy is a case in point) sitting on pulsing basslines and slightly reverbed drums. Crisp vocals are treated here and there – check out Lucky Girl.

There’s a sense that there’s a real energy here that would complement something a little more unhinged – when she lets rip on Friends it is a necessary turning point in the album after a couple of softer tracks. Misread too gets close, with an almost grunge like power in the underlying riff, I can’t help but think Breeders or Belly and that’s a good thing, I think.

This is a confident and, that word again, subtle album.

Last to Sleep

Lucky Girl


Little Uneasy


Friends (Live)


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