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Sometimes politics isn’t local… May 15, 2018

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Great point on the Guardian Brexit podcast, that the absurd focus on the ‘balance’ in the British cabinet on Brexit, and the inner (and this is a dismal name) Brexit ‘war’ cabinet, shows how parochial the debate is in the UK. As was pointed out by Dan Roberts, this is a solipsistic etc given that ‘we are engaged in a negotiation with some other people (ie the EU)’… we have this interminable negotiation with ourselves…’ and ‘Neither of the two options offered by the UK are seen as credible by the other side’ and until they are…

And that is the character of this Brexit, one where the very meaning of the term was never defined and therefore anything, quite literally anything, can be projected onto it.

Disastrous for the UK. Hardly less so for us on this island.

But a further key point. The Windrush scandal/Amber Rudd affair, as was noted, has pointed up a reality of this Tory Brexit:

The government has basically in its back pocket, we know through a leak to the Guardian, a very draconian immigration plan after Brexit, the draft document really involved pulling up the drawbridge and behaving very badly to those already here, and I think in the wake of Windrush scandal has shown us about the country’s tolerance for a very racist policy, I don’t think this can now fly.

Perhaps so, and yet, difficult not to think the furies released by Brexit might be channelled in a different direction in the context of EU immigrants etc, as distinct from Windrush. And the point was made later in the podcast that the Windrush generation are regarded, by many anyhow, as of Britain in a way that others are not. So quite some time before congratulations are in order I’d have thought.


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