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Too much Europe as bad as… May 17, 2018

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Michael McDowell had an excellent piece in the SBP at the weekend noting the rhetoric from Macron is deeply problematic, in regard to a ‘sovereign’ EU. And he reminds readers that while ‘the vast majority of us’ (92% according to an European Movement poll, which is in line with other polling on the matter – wbs) are opposed to an Irexit and there is ‘simply no appetite for us to revert to the status of a British satellite’… ‘that does not mean that the Irish would vote to join an EU defence arrangement if the needed constitutional change were proposed to allow that to happen. Nor is there support for further integration of the EU or for promotion of the federalist project. Just because we are happy with the EU as it stands does not mean that we – or the majority of member states – would support Macron’s proposals to confer sovereignty on the union as an international power’.

This is – to my mind, an important message to keep in mind. And he notes one other thing, which perhaps those more expert than I on this matter might confirm, that ‘the German supreme court has emphasises that the country’s constitution simply does not permit the EU to become a sovereign entity at the expense of its sovereign member states’. I wonder if a movement to see that sort of constitutional bar added to member states constitutions might gain some political momentum in the coming years?


1. peaceandneutrality - May 17, 2018

McDowell like many others that campaigned for the Lisbon Treaty that created PESCO and the EU Army it created are now changing their mind which is progress and should be welcomed. PANA took an active role in campaigning against the Lisbon Treaty & PESCO and has recently published a pamphlet which can be downloaded from web: http://www.pana.ie In fact it would be good if whoever is in charge of the political formation list on your site would add the Peace & Neutrality Alliance to it.
The Government recently had a so called Dialogue in Kilmainham Museum where all the panelists were EU Empire Loyalists and strong supporters of the integration of the Irish Defence Forces into the emerging EU Army, so don’t expect any debate of any substance to be allowed in the corporate media.


2. Daire O'Criodain - May 17, 2018

Surely there is a relationship of inverse proportionality between the size of the EU and the likelihood of it agreeing more intense integration? Hard to see any plan that would constitute “a great leap forward” commanding support of all remaining 27 given the cleavages that now exist. And, while that’s a relief in some ways, its a disappointment in others; e.g., reinforcement of the Euro or economic rebalancing between centre and periphery, etc. Of course, the Ray Bassett’s of this world continue to portray the EU as on an unrelenting inexorable grim road towards becoming a superstate. True, there are aspirations to that effect, but aspirations don’t butter parsnips.


GW - May 17, 2018

You’ve touched on many important points there DO’C.

It’s likely that the EU will develop into multi-dimensional opt-in/opt-out collection of agreements. Of which participation in Napoleon IV’s militaristic ambitions is one. No one is forcing the RoI to take part in this.

And certainly there are no realistic prospects of further federalisation.

But whether the whole doesn’t become so complex and disjointed, and the forces of xenophobic nationalism too tempting that the whole thing crumbles remains to be seen. And we have some limited agency in that.

The Eurozone is a different matter. That can’t go on without the rebalancing to which you refer – including debt cancellation and transfer from the core which exports too much and the periphery which imports too much. Unfortunately that remains heresy among the major German political parties, so I’m not convinced the Euro is long for this world, in terms of the decades ahead.

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3. Daire O'Criodain - May 17, 2018

Hard to disagree with you there GW. I hope the Euro survives or at least metamorphoses to whatever comes next smoothly. I can imagine, an original core might want to retain a common currency rather than atomise monetarily, but getting from the here of the current Euorzone to a smaller one would be a rocky road.

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