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An engaged Dublin… June 12, 2018

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In his sixth visit to the province as Taoiseach, he said there was a lack of trust between the two main parties, the DUP and Sinn Féin, compounded by the impact of the complexities of Brexit which had injected a “whole new uncertainty”.

That’s one visit every two months of his time as Taoiseach. That seems quite high, but I wonder are statistics for previous visits available?


1. An Sionnach Fionn - June 12, 2018

“Province” me arse…

Leaving that niggle aside, yeah, both Varadkar and Coveney have been unusual in the number of northern visits they’ve made since taking office. The Taoiseach has tended to lean more towards bilateral events, the Féile and Orange Order, etc. while Coveney has carried out more low-key tasks.

I wonder… Off the top of my head. No one admires and respects the political acumen and standing of Leo Varadkar like Leo Varadkar does himself. Could he fancy his place in history as the taoiseach who reunited Ireland, however tentatively or softly?


WorldbyStorm - June 12, 2018

+1 re province.

hahaha, that’s a brilliant thought re LV.


irishelectionliterature - June 12, 2018

Were Brexit and the border not the issue , needless to say he wouldn’t have been up there as much.
Going there in a way also focuses on SF, I wonder is it also trying to push SF as being the main opposition to FG rather than FF.

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Dr.Nightdub - June 13, 2018

Given the history of Féile and its roots as a republican community festival, I’d say he’s more trying to push the idea of FG and SF being natural bedfellows.

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2. GW - June 13, 2018

I’m no fan of the man’s politics in general, but given the threat that Brexit represents to the GFA and an open border, it’s quite right that the taoiseach should be putting himself about in the North and in Europe.

So far to great effect, I’m forced to admit.


WorldbyStorm - June 13, 2018



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