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It exists, so they have to reinvent it… June 12, 2018

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This from Will Hutton in the Observer struck me as particularly thought-provoking. Discussing the woes of the Brexiters in the UK he said:

The Brexit bonfire of EU “red tape” protecting worker rights and the environment, which was going to set the UK economy free – another fantasy – is not going to happen. Instead, outside the EU, or so this line goes, Britain is going to try to be more like Germany and the Scandinavian economies. Again, mad.

Mad indeed. As he implicitly notes, those self-same German and Scandinavian economies are…er… either inside the EU, or the EEA. And it really has got to the point of tiresome to hear people who should know better, or at least make the effort to find out, suggest that the EU is functionally holding back nationalisation in the UK or other forms of social ownership when across the EU as a whole we see nationalised and socially owned industries and services and scope for a whole lot more.

But then, one has to think, that so much of that side of the broader debate is through a London centric focus where there is ignorance and indifference of what is happening outside the island they are on and an absurd reification of British (mostly) Tory-led politics as if that were the politics of the EU as a whole.


1. GW - June 12, 2018

Yes indeed.

Any kind of Brexit that doesn’t lead to a hard border would require that the racist and xenophobic among the Brexiteers are dissapointed and free movement within the EU continues.

That is the price of getting access to the internal market required to keep the border through Ireland open. And what they may get in this case is far inferior to EU membership.

Are the Tories or Labour willing to confront these sentiments? Probably not up till the crunch in October. But then it will be a lot easier to sell when it becomes necessary if a softening up process takes place in the mean time.


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