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More referendums… June 14, 2018

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As GW noted we’ve two more referendums on the way – a sort of mop-up on the social liberalism front.

The Irish government has approved the preparation of a bill to remove blasphemy as part of a commitment to constitutional reforms. The referendum will probably be held on the same day as the presidential election.
Government ministers see last month’s abortion referendum as a milestone on a path to change for a country that was one of Europe’s most socially conservative a few decades ago, and are keen to push forward with other constitutional reforms.
After the blasphemy referendum, a vote on a controversial reference in the constitution to a “woman’s life within the home” is likely.

I’ve been waiting a long time to get a vote on the latter, as someone whose mother worked outside the home all my life it always seemed particularly wrong-headed. This is not to say that there is anything wrong with people choosing to work in the home. Anything but, and I think (particularly) parents of both sexes can bring many attributes to bear positively in that context. The issue is choice – and of course societal and economic supports to allow for same. But it is the gendered aspect that gets me.

The blasphemy referendum is another one long overdue reconsideration and reform – this piece by Roy Greenslade really gets to the heart of the issue. . It’s truly astonishing that the law on foot of the Constitution was passed in 2009.

What will be useful to see will be the weight of those who lobby against these changes. It will offer a chance to take the temperature of those who have previously cleaved to socially conservative and at times reactionary viewpoints. And while I imagine both will pass it will be intriguing to see if there’s any attachment displayed to either more broadly.

Meanwhile anyone know of polling on either proposition?


1. Alibaba - June 14, 2018

‘a vote on a controversial reference in the constitution to a “woman’s life within the home” is likely.’

About bloody time.

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2. irishelectionliterature - June 14, 2018

The media ‘Balance’ crap will well and truly be tested with these Referendums. I don’t even think Iona will be looking for a No vote on the Woman in the home one, although you never know what angle they’ll find.


WorldbyStorm - June 14, 2018

That’s interesting, re IONA and that referendum,


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