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Sunday and the Week’s Media and other Stupid Statements… June 24, 2018

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Could it be this:

In truth most Irish and English people have always had a high regard for each other but it seems that in every generation Tory ultras and extreme Irish republicans have done their best to poison the relationship.

Or could it be this?

Rees Mogg is a Catholic but one of the misapprehensions about him is that he comes from an old English Catholic landed family who refused to conform during the Reformation. In fact his religion comes from his devout Catholic grandmother who was an Irish American from New York.
It is a nice irony that his Catholicism is of the “Irish papist” variety, most likely passed down from impoverished peasants who fled the Famine, rather than the exclusive version practiced by aristocratic recusants.


A West Point cadet who wore a Che Guevara T-shirt to his graduation and posted a message online saying “communism will win” has been discharged from the US army.

“He was an honors student, an athlete, a model citizen who volunteered in the community,” recalled Altmire, a Democrat. “During the interview, he expressed patriotism and looked just like a top-notch candidate. There were no red flags of any kind.”

I see what he did there…


1. EWI - June 24, 2018

but it seems that in every generation Tory ultras and extreme Irish republicans have done their best to poison the relationship

I believe in giving credit where credit is due. Many ordinary Tories (and Labour Party ultras) have also coontributed magnificently to ‘poison[ing] the relationship’, as Stephen so delicately puts the continued presence of the rump British empire in Ireland and their counter-insurgency wars to keep the colony through force.

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2. benmadigan - June 24, 2018

Many members of the Loyal orders have also contributed magnificently to ‘poison[ing] the irish-Irish and Irish-English relationships’
Here’s the latest example https://eurofree3.wordpress.com/2018/06/23/outreach-orange-order-style/


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