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Conscience redux June 29, 2018

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Uncategorized.

Got to say this isn’t impressive, a complaint about SF not allowing a ‘conscience’ vote on abortion by its representatives. I’ve already noted the exquisite hypocrisy in those who were happy when the party cleaved to an anti-abortion line and made not a squeak of complaint about conscience suddenly getting exercised by the issue now that the worm has turned. But there’s a deeper problem.

There’s a lot of fluff about ‘mature’ parties allowing conscience votes but to me it’s always seemed the most ridiculous cant to reify that in some instances and not in others. For example, why are social issues conscience issues and not economic? There’s no clear reason why one is elevated above the other.

And in truth it seems to me that a party does have a right to impose – democratically – constraints on those who represent it. If one does not like it, well parties are voluntary, one can either attempt to force policy change democratically, or establish a new one.

Or, cutting to the chase, if one joins a party one signs up to a range of beliefs arrived at previously or contemporaneously. Which btw, is why I’m not a member of a party, that range is too much hassle to have to adhere to – been there, done that, three times now.


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