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Left Archive: New Left Journal, Socialist Workers Party, Issue 2 Winter 2006 July 9, 2018

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Irish Left Online Document Archive.

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Many thanks to the person who scanned this document for the Archive.

This journal, issued by the Socialist Workers Party, is a full 24 page long document that contains a wide range of articles. Topics covered include ‘NeoLiberalism, Democracy and the State’ by Kieran Allen, ‘Zionism and the Israeli State’ by Deirdre Cronin, ‘Hezbollah – the real story’ by Owen McCormack, and ‘Socialists and National Liberation’ by Sean McGrath amongst others. There’s analyses of raunch culture and a linkage between Shell in Ireland and the Niger Delta.

The editorial notes that:

We argue here that the democratic deficit has become part and parcel of the neoliberal world order, and how theIrish state has become, despite the hands-off rhetoric, the tool of global capital.This explains how the richest 10% at the top can increase its share of the national income at the expense of everyone else. It also accounts for the fact that the state spends so little on health, welfare or pension payments and that Irish social transfers are among thelowest in the OECD.This disgraceful fact and the Irish government’s position on the war should rock the cosy Irish consensus of tweedledum-tweedledee coalitions.And concludes with a then timely nod to the 2007 General Election. Anti-war and anti-privatisation activists, local campaigners and socialists need to combine to put these issues at the top of the agenda in the election campaign ahead.


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