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All political lives end in photos of the signing of resignation letters? July 10, 2018

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Missing from the airwaves – so far – is Boris Johnson, although he did invited a professional photographer to capture him signing his resignation letter.

That from the Guardian…

A better encapsulation of the misplaced sense of importance of the man would be difficult to find.

One of the funny things about politics is how egos are sidelined by events. For example, there was a winsome photograph on the Guardian website of David Davis in a car being driven… well, who knows where. This was on the front page linking to Simon Jenkins column on Davis.

And then next… Boris Johnson resigns. And Johnson is a bigger beast, politically – though Christ knows how he gained that reputation. And suddenly there’s Davis downgraded. And the photos of Johnson looking hunted become more prominent.

But then… May appears entirely prepared for all this with replacements (drawn from pro-ish Brexit ranks in the main) ready to roll from the off and hence a remarkably smooth transition occurs within hours.

And so it goes. Of course – whether these resignations turn out to be a good strategy or in a week or so’s time they are as nothing remains to be seen. It could go either way I suspect – though the big problem for the pro-Brexit contingent is that they don’t have the votes in Westminster to prevail on Brexit alone. Small wonder they’re trying to further dent May’s authority. But, I wonder if they went too late, or perhaps too early. And the numerous calls for May to remain from those who have left tell their own story too. Who wants to have the current parcel passed to them?

Another funny aside was a tweet that apparently Johnson had informed No. 10 that he was resigning this evening so they just issued his statement pre-empting his big moment. If it’s true it once again points up how unbelievably unastute he appears to be.

Meanwhile there’s this EU thing, kind of soaking up political bandwidth while the Tories run around like fools. Oh, and JC’s speech wasn’t half bad either.


1. EWI - July 10, 2018

“A bigger beast”

I know that it’s hard to resist the osmosis of terminology, WbS (this is not a dig at you in particular), but I strongly feel thar we should resist adopting and thetefore validating this sort of old boys’ club jargon. It’s the twenty-first century!


WorldbyStorm - July 10, 2018

I’m reappropriating the term from the old boys. Taking it back, man, revalidating it as our language not theirs. Though I’ve never known an old boy, or been in a club of theirs or any club at all bar the Arts Club in Dublin on a few occasions. It had inexpensive pints and the odd painting exhibition and was filled with liggers, mostly students, myself included looking for the former.


EWI - July 11, 2018

I very much doubt that there was an elevated social status for at least some of the reporters using it. However, it still reduces politics to the infantilising power notions of such rugby schools (not to mention the lockout on women).


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