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An excellent analysis? July 12, 2018

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Entertaining to see a familiar figure – to some at least – on twitter heaping praise on the article that provides the centrepiece for this analysis by AP member writing in a personal capacity, Brian Heading, on Slugger of the block grant from the UK to NI. Owen Polley, Brexit supporter and commentator offers in the original article a modish argument that is positioned on the right and yet, and yet, winds up supporting conservative approaches. Neat that. As the analysis notes:

Once you get past the swivel-eyed rants about “self styled liberals” having a “middle class strop” over brexit (can you tell he is a brexiteer?) and dismissing Ireland’s adoption of marriage equality as a passing fad of the Dublin 4 rugby set, Owen’s argument boils down to a restatement of a long-standing axiom : that Northern Ireland’s centrist middle class, irrespective of community background or voting patterns, won’t vote for reunification because Ireland can’t afford to meet NI’s subvention.

The stuff about Dublin 4 rugby set and SSM is genius, is it not. Though if an accurate reflection of Polley’s knowledge of ROI politics more than a little problematic.

And that figure praising it, why none other than IIRC someone who was once like myself a member of the WP, one Henry Patterson who thinks it is an ‘excellent article’ – an assessment which may elude some reading the piece itself.


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