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Even after Brexit the UK will still be wracked with europhobia… July 13, 2018

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An Sionnach Fionn had a great point recently in comments when suggesting this:

If the final deal is anything other than a hard Brexit, I reckon that UK politics will be dominated for the next two decades by further arguments over a Brexit Mark II. The Europhobia won’t be draining from the British body politic if even the mildest institutional or regulatory association with the EU is maintained.

There’s a lot in that. And a lot to unpack. For a start because Brexit was notoriously undefined it has been something that anyone can project near enough anything on to. So we have hard and soft Brexit. Ones which see the UK part of EFTA/EEA and others which don’t. Some which are a step short of Remain. Etc. There are left and right variants though the former have somewhat dropped away as the reality that this is a Tory led process has sunk in.

And the manner in which it has come to monopolise British politics is remarkable. Little business is going on outside it in political terms. No surprise, there’s simply no bandwidth left for much else. By contrast while an issue of concern for the EU it is but one amongst many – something that points to the sheer scale of the EU.

But let’s not ignore how expedient all this is for the Tories, because it was expedient long before too. The EEC/EC/EU has provided a whipping boy for them (and others) for a very long time now. Why should that change, indeed in the context of a Brexit that was turning to ashes it might even be ramped up. Everything can be blamed on Brexit if the Brexit does not accord with the most extreme version acceptable to the ultras. And even then, they’ll still complain.

That the British people(s) are divided almost in half is an additional factor. Good luck with working through that one might think.

But it’s a troubling thought, how this plays out. Stab in the back narratives in societies never tend to work out well. A Britain so detached from a realistic appraisal of its place in the world in the 21st century seems particularly ill-suited to negotiate deftly through these challenges.


1. GW - July 13, 2018

From a RoI POV, problems over the border, the disappearance of GFA political context, economic consequences of Brexit, fishing disputes/wars etc. etc. are likely to be with us for a long time as well.

‘Ireland stabbed us in the back’ could become a theme.

A box of delights altogether.


2. Joe - July 13, 2018

What will happen if Jez’s Labour win an election and form a government? It could happen, maybe even slightly more likely as the Tories rip into each other over Brexit.
But if it did happen, it would be fascinating. It’s been a little frustrating watching Jez as the Brexit shenanigans play out. Best interpretation is that he’s playing the long game, saying little, and letting the Tories do themselves in. If his strategy works, and Labour do end up governing, hopefully they’ll embrace the joys of internationalism and leave the Europhobia to the saddo Tories.


GW - July 13, 2018

I’d also love to see a Corbyn-led government in the UK – not just because I’d trust him much more to take the issues of peace on the island more seriously than the Tory/DUP lashup. I’d also like to see how far a half-way genuine social democratic government could get in the UK in the context of the current global political economy.

But there are numerous traps for Labour in the Brexit omni-shambles – both in Labour coming to power and in what they do afterwards. Assuming anything other than reversal by referendum or BINO (Brexit in name only) occurs, Labour’s room for manoeuvre will be limited by Brexit. Not just financially, but also because so much of the administrative bandwidth will be taken up by the fallout from Brexit.


3. irishelectionliterature - July 13, 2018

It’s so messed up, it’s hard to see any Brexit deal that will suit many in the UK and that’s before we even get to the EU side of things.
Looking at the recent UK proposal which caused uproar from the Brexiteers it had so so many flaws and a lack of understanding of what the EU is. They were in effect looking for their current status without paying and without the movement of people.
The problem for the EU is that there are many populist Right Wing anti EU parties on the rise in Europe and any decent deal given to the UK would tempt others to go down the same road.


Alibaba - July 13, 2018

I’m inclined to agree. The one thing Brexiteers won’t accept is a fudge and that’s what soft Brexit is.

The problem for the EU is also that small nations are looking at what is happening to the RoI and anything we may or may not get will be up for consideration by them too.


EWI - July 13, 2018

It’s hard not to imagine that this won’t feed into the Scottish and Catalan independence movements.


4. GW - July 13, 2018

I saw one analysis that claimed that Brexit has achieved the Northern-Irelandisation of, if not Britain, then at least England, with two groupings that will at best be suspicious of each other for what will seem like forever.

I hope it doesn’t get quite that bad.


Joe - July 13, 2018

It won’t get quite that bad. Or anywhere near it even. They all still follow England in the football and the cricket. They’re all still English.


EWI - July 13, 2018

with two groupings that will at best be suspicious of each other for what will seem like forever

‘Both-siderism’ doesn’t do justice to either the North or to the English situation. On one side you have far-right Christian supremacists who caused the problem in the first place.


5. FergusD - July 15, 2018

Not entirely appropriate here but I have to post it while it is current. Below is from Richard North’s eureferendum.com blog. It is about the U.K. heading towards third country status with the EU while at the same time rejecting the consequences i e laws and regs it was happy with up to now regarding third countries and aviation, supply of electricity etc. The comment at the end about the DUP is priceless. BTW everyone seems to forget that the majority of those who voted in the EU referendum In NI voted to remain. Entirely forgotten now.

“laws made by the EU, with the active participation of the UK, which prohibit the sale of electricity to third countries via an interconnector, unless there are specific agreements in place to manage the transfer. Equally, no third country airliner may land at an EU/EEA airport unless it conforms with the Third Country Operator safety checks, as administered by EASA.

These are laws which, to date, the UK has been entirely content to have applied. Yet it appears that, when those same laws apply to the UK as a third country, they become “insulting and unacceptable”.

Nevertheless, the chances are that the UK will not get a chance to decide whether it wants to be “insulted” by “unacceptable” laws. Mrs May has to resolve the “backstop” and, if it is anything close to being acceptable to the EU, the DUP will most certainly reject it.

There are those who say that, for the DUP to stand its ground would bring down the Conservatives and thus, also, deprive the DUP of its influence. But we are not looking at rational behaviour here. The DUP is the scorpion to Mrs May’s frog. It will sting her to death midstream, and drown itself – because “that’s what it does”.“

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WorldbyStorm - July 15, 2018



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