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‘Social Credit’ in the PRC? July 17, 2018

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This doesn’t sound good.

China’s social credit system, a big-data system for monitoring and shaping business and citizens’ behaviour, is reaching beyond China’s borders to impact foreign companies, according to new research.
The system, which has been compared to an Orwellian tool of mass surveillance, is an ambitious work in progress: a series of big data and AI-enabled processes that effectively grant subjects a social credit score based on their social, political and economic behaviour.
People with low scores can be banned or blacklisted from accessing services including flights and train travel; while those with high scores can access privileges. The Chinese government aims to have all 1.35 billion of its citizens subject to the system by 2020.


Critics of China’s social credit system say it is an Orwellian tool of social monitoring and political repression; but the Chinese government says it is a way of boosting administrative efficiency and encouraging trust and moral behaviour by its citizens.
People can be blacklisted for transgressions such as smoking on trains, using expired tickets or failing to pay fines, as well as spreading false information or causing trouble on flights, according to statements released by China’s National Development and Reform Commission in March.
Citizens with high credit scores can access better hotels, rental homes and even schools; while those with low credit scores can be temporarily or permanently banned from taking planes or trains, as happened to 6.15 million people in 2017, on the government’s own figures. A pilot version of the scheme run this year in Hangzhou City reportedly saw citizens with high social credit ratings get free access to gym facilities and shorter public hospital waiting times.

This is not good at all.


1. Michael Carley - July 18, 2018

Citizens with high credit scores can access better hotels, rental homes and even schools;

What China calls “social credit” we call “accent”.

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EWI - July 18, 2018

I’m sure that there’s op-eds in the Chinese equivalent of the Irish Times calling for agongs system as a sign of becoming a ‘mature, self-confident society’.


WorldbyStorm - July 18, 2018



2. FergusD - July 18, 2018

Probably authoritarian but you could see this kind of technology being used in a good way in a socialist, democratic society with a planned economy.

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yourcousin - July 18, 2018

Wait, “probably authoritarian”?

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