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Meanwhile, a poll. July 21, 2018

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RTÉ reports that there’s a poll tomorrow from the Sunday Times.

FG 34% +3

SF 22% -2

FF 21% -3

INDS 10% +1

IND ALL 4% +1

LP 3% -1

GP 2% NC

SOL-PBP 1% -1

SD 1% NC

MOE 3%


1. benmadigan - July 22, 2018

any truth to the rumour that the SDLP and FF are having talks with a view to making an “announcement” in September?


2. Polly. - July 23, 2018

How very interesting. In the hope that the whole will be better than the sum of the parts presumably, but it’s not at all a foregone conclusion that it would.

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3. dermot - July 23, 2018

Abortion referendum bounce mayhap?
Don’t underestimate the “sure aren’t we a grand little country” cohort; the party that corrals them is good for an extra few % and then some.


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