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Signs of Hope – A continuing series August 30, 2018

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Gewerkschaftler suggested this recently:

I suggest this blog should have a regular (weekly) slot where people can post happenings at the personal or political level that gives them hope that we’re perhaps not going to hell in a handbasket as quickly as we thought. Or as the phlegmatic Germans put it “hope dies last”.

Any contributions this week?


1. Citizen of Nowhere - August 30, 2018

The proto-pogroms in Chemnitz and their relationship to the government and deep state in Saxony and the wider German establishment, may be a tipping point in letting the AfD make the political running here.

More people from the liberal, soft-left and media are realising that once you accept the framing ‘immigrant vs. indigenous worker’ you’re already on the slippery slope to fascism.

So far there has been no official comment from Wagenknecht’s #aufstehen on the events in Chemnitz. Which speaks for itself, quite possibly.

But a new movement called #unteilbar (indivisible) is planning to frame events around a demo in October that will make it clear that:

We will not allow the welfare state to be played off against asylum and migration. We will stand in resistance when fundamental rights and freedoms are in danger of being further restricted.

We are expected to accept the deaths of those seeking refuge in Europe as ‘normal’. Europe is in a grip of an atmosphere of nationalistic antagonism and exclusion. However, any criticism of these inhumane conditions is dismissed as unrealistic.

And will hopefully encourage #aufstehen not to accept the AfD framing that it’s either social justice or migration, but recognise instead that both are necessary and simultaneously achievable.


2. CL - August 30, 2018

Gillum’s win

‘holds the promise of ending the unnecessary schism between “identity politics” and “economic progressivism.”

‘To fully grasp the immensity of Andrew Gillum’s victory in Florida’s gubernatorial primary last night, one would have to have been on the ground to witness the extent to which the Democratic establishment and the media refused to take his candidacy seriously—and the power of the voters that propelled him forward.’


EWI - August 30, 2018
CL - August 30, 2018

‘the bigotry and white nationalism that will accompany any candidate endorsed by Trump….
The “racial bloodbath,” as the Washington Post described what is to come in this race, has already begun.

‘the Republican Party has come to more exactly resemble the President… as the Democratic Party has moved in a more progressive direction. The coming governor’s race in Florida, over the next ten weeks, is probably the clearest conflict between those two reimagined parties that we’ve yet seen.”


3. GW - August 31, 2018

NZ trades union RMTU achieves a progressive p.h. flat-rate increase for all workers:

There will be an across-the-board increase of between $1.60 and $1.65 per hour, depending on hours and shifts worked, which equates to a 2.5 percent pay increase on average this year and a 2.7 pct increase next year.

The lowest-paid workers will receive the equivalent of a 6.9 percent pay increase.


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