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Unpopular populists… August 30, 2018

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I don’t know how many here are interested in Australian politics- though the last week has been fascinating as the Coalition there continues to falter in polls and changes leader yet again. The Guardian is sharply tilted that way in some of its coverage and I find it quite compelling – particularly when the right wing governing coalition (of sorts) runs into trouble. But there was a piece in this on Turnbull’s latest woes that is fascinating because it points up a reality about some right populism. Anyhow before Turnball was ousted Lenore Taylor wrote bout how some in the Coalition and beyond in its halo of supporters are criticising Turnbull for his policy approaches.

There’s this:

In her letter to the PM resigning from the ministry, Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells said the same-sex marriage vote was also corrosive of the base. That would be Abbott’s proposed plebiscite, which Turnbull adopted as policy despite having himself argued it was pointless and unnecessary. That would be the plebiscite that was overwhelmingly carried – with the yes vote prevailing nationally and in every state, and the no vote succeeding in only five Liberal or National held electorates. This must be a pretty narrow base the conservatives are talking about

But even more telling is this:

Conservative columnist Janet Albrechtsen complains that Turnbull is more “ABC than Sky news” and should spend more time talking to Paul Murray Live (audience around 36,000 per night) than Leigh Sales on 7.30 (audience around 600,000 per night).

Note the disparity in numbers… yet again it is about the perception of what is popular rather than its reality (as well as which there are mutterings from those even further to the right in the Coalition about defunding ABC)…


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