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Harsh but fair September 14, 2018

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I was surprised to find myself in broad agreement with Jim Duffy’s analysis of the Presidential race here. He has a real point when he suggests that no candidate without an understanding of the Constitution should be taken seriously. And few of us would disagree, I suspect, with the following:

The blunt fact is that the role of councils in nominating candidates is to act as gatekeepers – to ensure only competent, qualified, people able to do the job are nominated, and to keep the race free from constitutionally illiterate egotists who are only interested in building their profile for business, financial, or political gain.

Meanwhile I’ve a certain sympathy for Dublin City Council…

[which] has voted not to nominate any candidate for President after hearing from six prospective candidates this afternoon.

Ms O’Doherty attended the meeting along with Dragon’s Den investor Peter Casey, performer Sarah Louise Mulligan, former civil servant Marie Goretti Moylan, farmer John Groake and local radio presenter Norma Burke all made presentations.

Councillors then voted that they would not nominate anyone.

It is their right. And surveying the field many would find it difficult to blame them for exercising it.


1. irishelectionliterature - September 14, 2018

I see Gavin Duffy has now the necessary four Councils.
With Michael D., Joan Freeman, SF candidate, Sean Gallagher and Gavin Duffy on the ballot paper I wonder is there anyone else that could make it?
Peter Casey maybe. I wonder is there anyone else that the Independents in the Oireachtas would back. I can’t see them backing any of the remaining individuals that are currently seeking nominations.


Tomboktu - September 14, 2018

If Michael D weren’t running, I’d day Katherine Zappone might have been a credible candidate and if she is still active could well be one the next time.

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2. Logan - September 14, 2018

I am a bit surprised that Solidarity/People Before Profit couldn’t muster together 20 votes amongst themselves and lefty independents, between the Dail and Senate, to put up a candidate.
Having the likes of Gino Kenny in the Presidential debates would shake up the cosy consensus a bit …

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